3 Fairytale Boys

An idea. A mini series of events.

Rose Prince (Leon): To be Confirmed.
Male Snow White (Yami): Being scripted.
Red Riding Hood (Red): Being Written (7 Coloured Hoods: http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/gg54a_b/7-Coloured-Hoods )

Chapter 10


by: Cozy_Glow
Hood as red as blood, face pale & covered with blood as well
Wolf enjoyed the moment as Reds' voice failed his exhausted self.
The boy so tired from running & screaming, now still & quiet under paw.
"Let him go, oh please, Wolf!" Granny screamed, muffled & frightened. "He is only 8, please spare him!"
"I will spare none that taste so good~" Wolf declared, licking the boys' face.
Reds' eyes were closed tight, whimpering helplessly.
"I will eat you next, old lady, & then your children & grandchildren!"

But little Reds' screams were heard by wandering woodsman
A man with dirty beard & weathered skin, heard the screams & cries of a small boy.
This man was a wood-cutter by trade, Reds' father, whom he called to follow his 2 sons.
Quick as lightning, the woodsman came upon the house & towards it he didn't hesitate.
To see his son near frightened to death & about to die by teeth of Wolf, came upon the beast with shining axe blade.
Wolf stood little chance to the surprise as the axeman wielded his weapon fiercely & with hatred.
Wolf released Red from his jaws as axe met hide, letting slip & howl of pain.

Wolf ran away & was never seen again.

Woodsman took his young son into his arms & released his mother, calming them to lunch & laughter.
With a skip & a wave, Red was better with a smile, safe again with his mother & family in there house were they lived happily ever after.

The End.

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