3 Fairytale Boys

An idea. A mini series of events.

Rose Prince (Leon): To be Confirmed.
Male Snow White (Yami): Being scripted.
Red Riding Hood (Red): Being Written (7 Coloured Hoods: http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/gg54a_b/7-Coloured-Hoods )

Chapter 2


by: Cozy_Glow
Let us see the tale of the darling Rose Prince, whose gifts of beauty, voice & kindness could charm a kingdom.
Before his birth, his mother, the gracious Queen, was told of this great gift. Such an honour & a pleasure it was to tell her beloved King of this.
The King, so full of joy, announced for all to hear of this childs' soon-to-be birth & celebrations were at hand.
Once born, Rose Prince was fawned upon by his dear parents & all their people, even the good fairies swooned at his adorable sleeping face.
They blessed him with all they could, from luck to beauty, golden hair to gentle touch, all things good would be in him, purest Angel born of a star so bright & star of darkest night.
But not all stayed so perfect.
Upon the last & youngest fairires turn, a wicked fairy came in with a nasty habit, a laugh & dark aura. Alte-Rose
"A spoilt brat gets all the attention~? Ha! Ha! Ha! How stupid of you all!"
All in the room stepped back in shock, except the Queen, who turned to protect her bay from the fairys' wrath.
"I hope you all remember this day~ When your Prince became cursed to die on his 16th birthday at the spindle of the spinning wheel!"
The King stepped to take the magic the fairy threw towards the child, his wife hiding the Prince, pressed 'gainst her chest, but nothing can stop magic.
Evil Fairy, Alte-Rose, went laughing as he went, his handy work a crying baby who had no idea of the pain caused that moment.
King & Queen with all their people, grew distressed & dismayed that the Prince would be killed in such a way in such little time.
"Not so, not so, my dearest majesties"
The young fairy, whose turn was missed, came forth.
"I've some magic of my own to change the childs fate in time"
The young fairies name was Aprikose, and as she weaved & changed the spell, the child smiled & calmed the crowd.
"You will not die, young Prince of the Rose, but sleep in wait of True Loves kiss..."
It seemed so simple for King & Queen, to care for him until then & be ever more so in the closer years.
No harm would come of the Rose Prince of the Kingdom...

Or so they thought...

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