3 Fairytale Boys

An idea. A mini series of events.

Rose Prince (Leon): To be Confirmed.
Male Snow White (Yami): Being scripted.
Red Riding Hood (Red): Being Written (7 Coloured Hoods: http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/gg54a_b/7-Coloured-Hoods )

Chapter 3


by: Cozy_Glow
The tale of the fair Snow White, whose life was turned upside down by a jealous Queen who favoured his beauty & kindness.
Snow White, pale skin & gleaming blue eyes, was born a dark midnight to joyous King & Queen, but happiness was so short.
The Queen held him for a short time of only mere seconds, before her soul travelled on, leaving husband & child.
The King married again to a Queen from across the seas, but this marriage & new family was cut short when the King suffered poisonous death.
Upon the death of Snow Whites' family, the Queen took him in as a servant to her beautiful daughters., to which he never whined.
Spared of death or worse fate, he forgot his royal heritage to become a mere servant to the Princesses of the Castle.
Happiness did fall upon the kingdom, in a twisted way, where those that lived with the palace were smiling & cheery, those outside where left dreary & weary.
After a while, the old Queen died, and her eldest daughter took the throne, Snow White faithful servant at her side with her young sister.
This Queen forced mines to pay tribute in large amounts of gold, jewels & all other beautiful objects she desired.
She relished the idea of being the most beautiful & fair in all the land, she magic mirror satisfying her dearest wishes of words...
Until one day, the mirror said someone else was more fair than she..
The Fairest of the All.

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