Group Story Sign Ups [Closed]

Group Story Sign Ups [Closed]

So I got this idea from this awesome story published on called The Chess Club. The complete novel can be found here:

Anywho, let's begin.

Chapter 1

Awaken Your Artistry

There are Seven different types of Artistries. When you get an Artistry, you're eyes turn a unique, unnatural color that represents your ability. Therefore, if you get unnaturally blue eyes you will get the name Artist of the Blue. Catching on?
All the Artists wear shades to keep mundanes from seeing their eyes, so no questions are arise. Include the type of glasses you wear under "Clothing".

Here are the Artistries:

Blue: The nature of Blue is Fellowship
They are mostly telepathic, able to communicate with other living things and benefit from relationships.
Ex. Ability to read and communicate through minds.

White: The nature of White is Life
Apparently do not age. Can heal others by touch. Apparently more physically fit. Can produce strong hormones of body that attracts whom you are attracted to.
Ex. Healing cuts and bruises with a touch

Green: The nature of Green is Time
Can alter time flow somewhat. It’s possible to teleport small distances.
Ex. Teleporting from a school lunchroom to elsewhere in the school.

Black: The nature of Black is Death
Supposedly can see the dead, foresee deaths, and kill on touch. Can also heal beings at the expense of their own life energy.
Ex. Wilting a tree just by touching it

Red: The nature of Red is Power
You grow tired more slowly than most. Can charge either defense " take hits easier " or charge offense " give hits harder.
Ex. Inhuman strength and energy, enough to smash concrete and pick up a truck

Yellow: The nature of Yellow is Emotion
Can sense emotions of others. Detect lies sometimes. Knows where others are, like a radar. Effect emotions of others a little. Strong persuasion can occur in strong Artists.
Ex. Convincing a teacher to let you out of class early.

Purple: The nature of Purple is Knowledge
Can touch things and absorb knowledge, i.e. books. Stronger memory and ability to learn.
Ex. Gaining information just by touching a book.

Character Form

Age (14-18):
Appearance (no links would be preferred):

My Character

Name: Kailee Rogers
Nickname: Kai
Age: 17
Height: 5'5"
Artistry: Artist of the Purple
Ability: Gaining knowledge just by touching someone or something.
Appearance: Narrowed purple eyes, a flatten sort of nose, and full lips. Hair is black and shoulder length with purple highlights. Has a skinny build and leans forward a lot as if reading something.
Personality: Nerdy and socially awkward, kind, cool-headed, calm in dangerous situations, speaks quietly as if in a library.
Clothing: Dark skinny jeans, button downs with cardigans, Vans, sometimes a Hufflepuff beanie or scarf. Reflective aviators.
Other: Founds the "Gamers Club", both parents know about her ability.

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