Group Story Sign Ups [Closed]

Group Story Sign Ups [Closed]

So I got this idea from this awesome story published on called The Chess Club. The complete novel can be found here:

Anywho, let's begin.

Chapter 2


These are our Artists:

My Character

Name: Kailee Rogers
Nickname: Kai
Age: 17
Height: 5'5"
Artistry: Artist of the Purple
Ability: Gaining knowledge just by touching someone or something.
Appearance: Narrowed purple eyes, a flatten sort of nose, and full lips. Hair is black and shoulder length with purple highlights. Has a skinny build and leans forward a lot as if reading something.
Personality: Nerdy and socially awkward, kind, cool-headed, calm in dangerous situations, speaks quietly as if in a library.
Clothing: Dark skinny jeans, button downs with cardigans, Vans, sometimes a Hufflepuff beanie or scarf. Reflective aviators.
Other: Founds the "Literature Club", both parents know about her ability.


Name: Crow Edgewood
Age: almost 17
Height: 5'11"
Weight: about 127 pounds... he's on the skinny side, but is lean
Artistry: Artist of the Black
Ability: to see the dead and communicate with them, also he can kill on touch which he finds extremley irritating because it happens on accident usually. He doesn't know it but he can heal as well with the cost of his vessel's own energy.
Appearance: he is tall, skinny, yet lean with some sort of a build. His skin glows an unnatural pale that gives off the essence of sickness and death. His hair is a glossy black that swoops outward and is rather long so sometimes it hides his face, a sterotypical "emo" look. His eyes are an icy silver with a black outer circle. They have multiple textures and no pupils. He has thin, pale lips and a striaght nose. Many would say he was handsome if they could get past his deathly sick look.
Personality: he is socially withdrawn, but not exactly awkward. If someone was to converse with him, he would find no issue, but he would never start the convo. He is actually an extremley emotional person, but he appears as stoic; he hides his emotions. He has voilent mood swings, is extremley tempermental, and is dangerously impulsive. His spontaneous actions often cause horrible things to happen to others. He sometimes thinks in an unusal and sadistic way, but he can be very empathetic.
Clothing: he often wears washed out, old looking straight legged jeans that have a few major rips in them, a baggy black T-shirt with a skecth of a dead tree in white ink, silver aviators to hide his shocking eyes, a dark orange beanie, and worn out black converse all stars.
Other: he often kills animals/plants if he touches them. He doesn't do this on purpose, but if he does it's because he's angry. He lives with his uncle because his mother died at his birth and his father had ran out on them.


Name: Alexander Morrgis
Nickname: Alex
Age: 17
Height: 5'9
Weight: 152
Artistry: Artist of Green
Ability: Able to Teleport Small distances and Possibly alter very insignificant things of time (or are we only allowed one power. if so confirm or deny)
Appearance: spiky dirty blonde hair, medium build, long pianist fingers (although he can't play any musical instruments), unusual lime green eyes, peachy and kind of pale in winter but tans very easily, small nose and thin lips. Bites lip when anxious or nervous.Has scar on the inside of his arm because a dog bit him.
Personality: He is seen to be supportive and helpful at times, often acting as a mediator, for his friends and others. Alex has no issues with the necessity of violent bloodshed. Alex is the type to execute decisions for the greater good regardless of their personally unsavory nature. Alex is a meddler, he is a supportive friend and often helps people with relationship issues.


Name: Maddie Smith
Age: 14
Height: 4'9
Weight: 80
Artistry: Artist of the Blue
Ability: To read minds and control the person through the mind.
Appearance: Pale skin, long black hair normally tucked away in a cap with a side fringe, button nose, prominent cheeks, tiny ears, tiny feet, thin shaped body, bright blue eyes. Rocks on her heels a lot and if not, stands unnaturally still.
Personality: Shy, manipulative, quiet, quite oddly behaved, acts calm a lot, very gentle.
Clothing: Long black t-shirt covering her hands, dark green boyfriend jeans, black converse, black and green chequered shirt as a jacket, skeletal gloves, green floppy cap, black headphones around her shoulders, Spiderman socks. She has green contacts as her natural eyes were green.
Other: She's very private and her parents are in the midst of the decision of sending her to a counsellor or to send her to the "Loony Bin" as she calls it.


Name: David Celldeller
Age: 17
Height: 5'7 1/2
Weight: 127
Artistry: Artist of Red
Ability: Charge offense
Appearance: Bright red eyes, shortish brown and orange ( some strands mixed in) hair gelled up to his right, bronze tan, Athletic muscular build, short ( for a guy ), burn scar running across his left arm like a wristlet would and another burn scar across his stomach
Personality: Friendly, outgoing, defensive, stubborn, has a temper but often controls it, energetic, risk-taker, fast, optimistic, good in pressured situations, very fierce when needed, persuasive, clever
Clothing: White, orange, and black sneakers, black Nike socks pulled up, bit shorter than knee-length tan shorts with multiple pockets, olive green muscle shirt with slightly darker rimming, silver 3 beads necklace


Name: Kayden Lawrence
Nickname: Kay
Age: 16
Height: 5`7"
Weight: 115
Artistry: Artist of the Yellow
Ability: sense emotion
Appearance: Slightly tanned skin, slim body, somewhat tall, plenty of light freckles, light yellow eyes. Mid back white blond hair, straight.
Personality: very sympathetic, laid back, sensitive towards others, friendly, and funny.
Clothing: Thin yellow v-neck with white tank showing at chest, . Blue , green, and a little yellow floral skirt. Blue low top converse. Aviators.
Other: is actually blind. When her eyes changed from Brown to yellow, the sun damaged them really bad. Twin Haley is Artist of the white.


Name: Violet Bell
Age: 14
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 82
Artistry: Artist of the White
Ability: Healing by touch
Appearance: Pale skin, with a thin shape, and bright blue eyes. Long, dark wavy hair, a little ways past her shoulders, usually a strand hanging over one eyes. Stands with hands behind back a lot and fidgets when nervous.
Personality: Not very social, very shy, sensitive and quiet, but sweet if you can strike up a conversation. Very gentle as well.
Clothing: Long-sleeved white shirt under dark purple dress and white leggings. Doesn't often wear a jacket.

Now is the time to choose a love interest unless you want me to choose for you. How the love interests are chosen will determine the story order. Thank you all for joining -insert cool catchphrase here-

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