Group Story Sign Ups [Closed]

Group Story Sign Ups [Closed]

So I got this idea from this awesome story published on called The Chess Club. The complete novel can be found here:

Anywho, let's begin.

Chapter 4

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Alright, the beginning will begin as each of us wake up and our eyes have changed color. Events follow. I'll plead to the principal to allow myself to create a club "Literature Club", all the while I'm planning on recruiting Artists. Insisting them to keep their eyes and powers covered for fear of being noticed by the government, etc. Basically a game of hide and seek.
Eventually, a few rebels in our group might get sick of being kept under safety and reveal us for who we are.

That's the generally plot line, but the story could stray from it. Creativity has no outline.

Now to start writing. Hope that answered your question Kitty.

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