Funny answers

So these are some answers that I wrote in school. I didn't know the real answer and I was going to get it wrong anyway. So, why not have some fun?

Chapter 1


Basic Government: Collectivism
Which occupational groups were excluded from membership in the Rochdale Society? The Mad Scientist, the Gladiator, The Wizard of Oz, and the Dragon Slayer.

6x + 3y = 34 Solution__Amon__(It was to perfect. I erased it and wrote the real answer)

American History
By what nickname was Custer (General George A.) called? _Goldie_Locks_(Almost wrote that down)
The Union army, under the command of General _Thomas the Zombie Slayer_, defeated forces led by Cochise and Mangas Coloradas (Red Sleeves) in Apache Pass.
Lieutenant _Joe Cable_ and two Apache scouts persuaded Geronimo to make his final surrender. (South Pacific referrance)


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