The Harder We Fall

"Be careful who you trust, The devil was once an angel." I listened as he spoke those words. It burned me inside to see him get on stage every sunday, And preach to these people. All the things he do behind close doors, It's like there looking at him as an angel, When in reality he's a devil. There's nothing good about him. I looked over at our mom as she tried to hold back her tears, And pretend to be happy. When she wasn't. She was living in hell, Just like the rest of us.

Chapter 1

Now And Then

"I will praise you as long as I live, Lifting up my hands to you In prayer." I said to myself, As It repeated In my head. I looked up at the stars and smiled. Knowing that our mom was looking down on us with a smile. I never knew what killed her, But before the week she died. She always told us every night before we go to bed. "Never let anything your dad say our does, Knock you down. Stay Strong And don't let what he did to me, Happen to you." Everytime I think of those words, They shiver down my spine. I always knew my dad as Violent, But not to where he could have ever killed her. He would never take her away from us, But the more I tell myself that the more signs start to show. He would come In everynight and hit the walls and yell at himself. Or just Vodka all night as he cried. One night I was sleep, And I felt someone standing over me. I fluttered my eye's open, I was about to scream when I seen him. He put his hand over my mouth, I started trying to fight him. But he started chocking me, I tried getting his hands off my neck, As I squirmed and scratched him. I could hear myself Gagging as he did it. But before I felt like I was going to black out, I remember him saying. "I Hate you Elana, Your nothing but a whore. I want you dead! I want to cut you up into little pieces and burn you. I want to make you suffer, And before I burn you. I'm going to Hump you, Over and over again until I get tired. I will stab you until the knife's break and I cut out all your organs and veins. Cut your head open and burn your brain." I could hear him laughing, As I was closing my eye's and my breath was shorting. I started hearing someone yell, And I could hear someone getting knocked to the ground. I opened my eye's and I could see my brother pointing a gun to our dad's head, As he layed on the ground. "I will blow your head into pieces, You killed our mom and know your trying to kill her. No one like you should be preaching anywhere, You deserve to burn In hell." I looked over at Josh, As his eye's darkened and pulled the trigger back. I could see our dad getting up and backing out of the door. After that day, Josh started getting sick. And a few weeks later he died from poisoning. As they did the Optopse, They found Rat Poisoning In his system. But there was no struggle to see that It was forced into him. So they left It as a suicide, I looked at the picture they took of him. I could see one picture of foam coming out of his mouth. I looked over at my dad, There was no emotion of sadness or grief on his face. I turned back at the pictures of Josh and looked back at him. "YOU KILLED HIM, HOW COULD YOU STAND THERE AND ACT INNOCENT. YOU KILLED YOUR OWN SON! AND OUR BROTHER! AND ALL YOU COULD DO IS STAND THERE WITH A BLANK FACE! YOU DESERVE TO DIE! I HATE YOU! IF OUR MOM WAS HERE , I WOULD'VE TOLD HER TO BURN YOU IN HELL, BEFORE YOU DID HER. YOUR NOTHING BUT A DEMON, PRETENDING TO BE A ANGEL, WHEN YOU DIE I'M GOING TO BURN YOUR GRAVE DOWN AND SPIT ON IT." I could feel the security pulling me back, As I kicked and screamed. He just looked at me, And started walking away. I looked up at the security as they tried to calm down. "Please calm down Ma'am" I looked back as I watched him walk out the door, And the tears started coming down my face. "He killed our mom and our brother, And you expect me calm down! What if this was your mom and your brother!" I sat down in the chair as I looked at there blank expressions, One guy was about to speak. Until Another guy spoke over him, He started walking over to me. And I looked up to see a tall and musclar male in a black and blue suit. As he Introduced himself. "Hi Lakeisha, I'm Detective Smith. I heard you yelling from the end of the hall, And I would like to ask you a few questions." I looked down at his hand as he held It out, I shook hands with him. "Hi Mr. Smith, And Ok." He smiled as he motioned me to follow him. "You hungry ? If so we can talk about, While getting some lunch." I nooded my head and agreed. "Ok." We walked over to Chick-fil-A, And Ordered Our Meals. "Ok Ms. Mori, Start at the beginning of how this all started." I started twirling my straw around as I started talking. "It all started when we're little, I was 3 and my brother was 6 and our baby sister was just 1. One night my dad came In late, And my mom had looked through his phone and packages he was getting and found out he was cheating on her with a girl named Claudia." Before I could finsihed he cut me off. "Last name ?" I sipped some of my drink and started talking again. "Morris and he had been having this affair with her for some months now, And while we we're upstaries In our rooms. Me and Josh could hear them arguing, I could hear my dad throwing things. And I could hear our mom scream, The last thing I could hear her say was. "Don't you dare lay one finger on them, Before I die I will make sure I will get Justice." And then everything went silent. After that day my mom went missing, And for nights I could hear my dad cleaning up some things. While some nights he would come upstaries and tell us all this bedtime story. "There once lived an Angel, But after awhile he turned into a demon. Because the desires of the eye's took over him, His queen would scream and cry everynight begging him for the truth, He would just Ignore her as she would try to pull him back to her. And he would just threating her, Or beat her until her skin is black and blue. Sometimes It would get so bad that the king would almost kill her. Alot of time at night, He would cry. Because he couldn't believe the monster he became into. But the other Queen he was In love with on the other side of the town. She always told him. "Your doing the right thing, Your not demon unless you feel your a demon. Your an angel In my eye's. Throw her over and Kill her, Let go of your past with her and feed it to the dogs. And be with me." And with that she kissed with the kiss of death, After that night the king went back to his palace, And his wife was sitting and waiting for him. As he walked In, She started screaming and yelling at him. He grabbed his sword as he knocked her to the ground and stabbed her, He could see the pain throug her eye's as they we're bloodshot red. And the tears we're coming out of her eye's, We're tears of death. As he stabbed and stabbed her screaming eventually stopped. He made one last stab to her heart. And kissed her pale lips, As he dragged her body and wrapped It up, And threw It into the river next to the land of the other queens. And every since that day, It's been haunting the king and soon he ended up dieing from suicide. While his kids lived on there life of the mystery of there mother. And the other queen went back to her former king. And that was there happily ever after." "When I was little that didn't really bother me, But as I got older It haunted me." He looked at me, As he wrote down some things. "So what made him kill your brother, If he got your mom out the way ?" I shurgged my sholders As I answerd his question. "I really couldn't say, Because I don't know. But I think my brother knew to much, And he was scared that Josh was going to tell him." He nodded his hand as he wrote down some more things. "So he got him out the way, By posioning him and making it look like a suicide. Do you think he still have the things he used on your mother that night ? Or a video clips Or Pictures ?" I nodded my head. "Yes I think he does, There should be some In the basement. But he never allow us to go down there." I watched as he tapped his hand on the table and looked lost in his thoughts. "Do you think, You can find away down there. And call me, When you find something." I shook my head. "Yeah, I can try." He started to smile, As he picked our lunch up and threw It away. We started walking outside, As he shook my hand again. "Thanks Lakeisha, I think we can really crack this case. And get justice for your mom soon." I smiled as he said those words. "No problem and I hope so." He nodded and smiled. "Here's my number, Call me ok. If you find something, Or your In trouble and need help." He handed me a white piece of paper with number written on it. I nodded my head and slipped the paper In my pocket, As we started walking our seprate ways. . I opened and closed my eye's as I walked, As the words of my mom and brother beamed through me, And sending a tone of horror through me. I looked over at families as they smiled and laughed, It brought tears to my eye's. But a feeling happiness. I looked up Into the bright beautiful blue sky, As the clouds passed me by. I smiled of the thought Josh and our mom was In heaven now. And they we're safe and In peace now, Now It's up to me and Ellie, To get Justice for them. I started turning the corner and I could see the news channel, And police cars crowd around our house. I walked closer and could see a little girl getting pulled into a ambulance on a stetcher, I could see It was Ellie. I felt my knee's grow weak as I seen her, The tears we're coming down like a waterfall down my face. I screamed to myself. "Why ? Just Why ?" Because I just couldn't understand It. God Loves his people, But why does he let these things happen.. As I collapsed to the ground, I felt two arms wrap around me. I looked up to see It was Mr. Smith, I could see the sorrow In his eye's. I stood up and cried in his arms. He gently rubbed my back as we started walking away. "Please don't take me to the hospital, I don't want to see anymore dead bodies of my family." He nodded and opened the car door open for me. "Ok, I'll take you to my house. So you can calm down and relax, Your sister is going to be ok. She's just going to be In the hospital for a few days." I looked out the window as I nodded my head. "Okay, And what about my dad ?" He started pulling off as he looked over at me. "There taking him down to the station for questions, We we're going to put a warrant on him. But you can't arrest anyone with a reason or proof of your reason." I Sighed In frustration, As we drove the rest of the ride In Silence. I eventually fell asleep. And woke up a few hours in a bed, I looked round the room It was big and beautiful and neat. I got up and saw a note on the door as I walking out. "I got called down to the station, I'll be back soon. Just relax, And free your mind. Do whatever you would like, It's going to be ok Lakeisha. Oh and call me If you need anything." I took the note and walked downstaries and threw it away. I seen a bookshelf on the left side wall of the livingroom, I walked up to It and seen different books. I seen a book called "I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have To Kill You" I grabbed It and started reading It as I sat on the sofa. I made It up to chapter 8, Before I started hearing someone knock on the door. I opened It up and seen a lady about my height, She had long pretty brown hair, That glowed with her brown skin. She smiled as she started to move her mouth. "Are you Lakeisha Morie ?" I nodded my head in agreement. "Yes I am." She smiled at me and started talking again. "May I come In ?" I hesitated for a mintue. "Um this isn't my house. This is Mr.Smith house, And I don't know If I'm allowed to let anyone In." She nodded her head and laughed. "I talked to Mr.Smith, And he said It was fine." I shook my head and moved out her way, As she walked In. I watched as she sat down In the chair, And I closed the door. "I have to talk to you about somethings Lakeisha." I nodded my head and sat back down on the sofa. "What things ?" She sipped some of her coffee that was In her hand. "About Your mother." I felt a growing pain in my stomach, As she said that. "What about her ?" She sat her coffee down on the counter, As she walked over to me and sat down on the sofa. "She wasn't your real mother, You we're adopted. All of you we're, You and Josh and Ellie. And John Isn't your real farther." My body went numb, As those words sinked through me. "That's not true, She is my real mom. Why would she lie to me ? She loved me." She started looking down In her purse, As she pulled out a folder with papers In it and pulled out a paper with baby feet's on It. She handed to me and I seen It was my Birth Certficate. I read It as the tears from my eye's started to drop. "Heaven Nicole Marie Jones." I wipped my tears as I seen my names was changed to Lakiesha Morie, And I looked down at my birth parents and there names wer'e. "Savannah Jones And Clayton Jones" I looked back up at the lady. "Why did they give us away ? And Is Josh And Ellie even there real names ?" She looked up at me and rested her hand on mine. "Thye felt like they didn't have enough money to support you guys, So they gave you up. They went looking for you guys. When they got back on there feet, But you guys we're nowhere to be found. Because your names we're changed." I rubbed my eye's as I tried to put everything together. "Do they know that Josh Is dead and Ellie Is in the hospital ?" She shook her head and went to go get her coffee. "No they don't know yet, We're looking for them. We haven't found them yet, One of there old neighbors saw them moving out months ago and heading to California. So we have the Los Angelos Department looking for them down there." I put my head between my hands as I stroked my head through my hair. The lady was about to say something else, Until we heard the door unlock. I looked up to Mr. Smith as he came In smiling. "Did you tell her Lana ?" She looked over at him and nodded, He looked at me and stop smiling. "I could tell you've been crying, It's going to be ok." He walked over to me and sat next to me and pulled me Into a tight hug. He didn't let go for awhile until he heard Lana cough and he let go. "We're not suppose to get that close to our clients." He rolled his eye's and looked at me and smiled. "I was comforting her." She laughed as she started to leave, Mr. Smith got up and locked the door. "So Heaven what do you want for dinner ?" He hopped back on the couch, Trying to make me laugh. I chuckled at him and smiled "Can I have a cup of happiness please ?" He laughed and had a big grin on his face. "You sure can." He started tickling me. "S-S-Stop This Tickles" I laughed as he enjoyed doing It. "I-I can't breath, Your going to make me pee on myself." He started smirking as his blue eye's lighted up. "I will stop, If you try to be happy." I laughed louder as he tickled me more. "O-O-Ok I-I - Will Be Happy!" He laughed as he stopped. I moved on his lap and had big smile on my face. "What are you smiling so hard for ? Is there a butt on my face or something ?" I laughed and smiled bigger. "Haha No, But I wish." I started tickling him. "N-No Stop, I'm not ticklish" I giggled as he laughed louder. "But your laughing." He tried to push me away, I kept going until I felt his head bump into mines, And his lips brushed agasin As our breath's connected and became one. I looked Into his eye's as he gazed Into mine. "So Um, What would you like to eat ?" I smiled to break the awkwardness. "Let's make a pizza. He started laughing. "I'm not a cook, I solve cases. Unless your a good cook, We're ordering." I chuckled as he started biting his lip. "I'm a good cook, So come on let's make a pizza! It's more fun than ordering." He playfully groaned as I dragged him to the kitchen, And we started setting the things we needed out. I started rolling the dough as he'll flip the pizza In the air. I laughed as some of them landed on his face. We putted all the topping and things on the pizza as we put It in the over to cook. I looked over at Mr. Smith as he was texting on his phone. I laughed at his face expressions. "Mr.Smith what's your first name ?" He looked up at me and smiled. "Ayden." I smiled as he said that. "Can I call you Ayden ?" He sat his phone down and walked over next to me. "If you would like to, I be back I'm going upstaires to go get clean and change." I nodded my head and smiled. "Ok." I watched as he went upstaires and sat there hummed "Black Beauty". I could feel myself drifting into flashbacks, The days when life was good and happy. Before all these things happend. Now It's all just hell, I feel as If I'm trying to fight the monsters In my life. To get away and bring everything back to what It used to be. But I can't seem to fight the monster inside, The only thing that keeps me from being happy. As I zoned myself out into more thoughts, I didn't know that Ayden had came back down. Until he tapped me on the shoulder. I looked up into his eye's and I never really noticed how he really looked, He was muscular and He looked about 5 ft 11. He was taller than me, I'm only 5 ft 3. I could see that he was mixed. I could see he has pretty hair, His hair was cut short but I could see the waves In his hair still. He had dimples In his cheek, And a Cute smile. He also had soft pink lips. I laughed as he looked at me weirdly, Trying to figure out what I'm thinking. "What you thinking about ?" I laughed, As he started getting the pizza out the oven. "Why aren't you married ?" He sat the pizza down, As he faced me. "I don't think I'm ready for marriage, I had my share of loves through out my highscool and teen years. But I never found that one true girl, All the girls I dated we're the cheerleaders or the bad girls of the school. But I realized the girl's with the looks or the perfect girls, Weren't the one for me. All the other guys we're chasing them, And they cheated so much. Or only used you to keep there reputation." I nodded as he set out the plates and set a piece of pizza on our plates. "So are you virgin ?" He laughed as he tried to answer my question. "No, I'm actually not. But I regret not being one." I smiled and chuckled. "Why do you regret It ?" He bit a piece of his pieces and started talking again after he swalloed it. "Because I was dumb and young. All I wanted was sex, I ended up getting a girl pregnant, But at the same time she was messing around. She ended up getting a disease after we broke up, From some guy she was with. And she ended up killing herself and the baby." I gently rubbed the side of the cheek, I could see the sadness In his face. "You would've been a good daddy." He smiled as a tear slipped down his cheek. "Thanks." I smiled back and hugged him, I could feel his arms wrap around me tightly. "Don't get all sad on me, You told me to be happy." I could hear and feel him laugh. "I won't, Heaven how old are you ?" I pulled away and looked at his curious face. "I'm 16." He nodded and we finished our food. After we was done, I did the dishes with him and headed upstaries afterwards. I watched some cartoons for some hours until Ayden fell asleep, I looked over at him and poked his nose. He didn't move, So I got up and slipped on my shoes and Jacket. I headed downstaries and headed outside and shut the door quietly. I started walking home, As soon as I got there. I seen my dad's car gone, I reached in my pocket and pulled my key's out. As I walked In I could see all the lights we're out. I pulled out my phone and used the flashlight on it. As I walked down to the basement, I could feel someone behind me. But everytime I turned around no one was there. I started looking around for a flashlight, As I was about to grab one. I felt someone hit me on the back of the head, With a hard object. And before I passed out. I could hear a voice and I seen a tall figure. Then everything went black.


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