March 14th: A Day to Celebrate

This is a poem dedicated to Senri because today is his birthday!
Happy 18th Super Senri!

^^Please go wish him a happy birthday, pleeeeeeassseee :D

Chapter 1


To the birthday boy
You have given us all hope
And a way for us to cope
By being a light in times of darkness.

^^Before I start the actual poem and birthday message as a gift for Senri's birthday, the opening stanza above is going to be my pausing moment to say, HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY SENRI!!! Also, in this present, I'm hoping to give you something fun but at the same time something that comes from the heart, because you are the light on a dark day, the silver lining on a grey cloud, and the gold that's inside a treasure box. You have given me so much that today, on your birthday, I'm going to do my best to give you something special. I hope you enjoy Super Senri and Happy 18th birthday again!

With the strike of the midnight hour,
March 14th can be marked on our calendars
As a day where you can enjoy the atmosphere
Because today, you shall hold all the power.

We will sing to you the birthday anthem
And you can rest the crown upon your head
Because you are the birthday boy with breakfast in bed
And the one that has access to today's action.

We will sing it out so very loud
So the whole world can hear about your day
Because you deserve this all the way
Since you are the silver lining in every cloud.

With bright party lights and fireworks at the end
The words of the chorale will harmonize as one
Just like how your smile dances with fun
Because you are always an amazing friend.

You hold traits that are brighter than the stars
And today they should be recognized
Because today is when you are emphasized
For being the birthday fellow that helps free people from their wars.

So at the strike of the clock
You will hear the birthday song
Singing directly to you after a year that's been long
Because it's your time to take your royal, birthday walk.


You deserve a great day Senri because you are always kind, funny, true to yourself, and very much super.

May all your wishes come true :)

Love Amber!


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