North Of Fate

North Of Fate

Well, this is just a story set in the home world of my OCs... Since I've been gone so long, I thought I should upload something.

Chapter 1

An Explanation

by: _Haunted_
Desmaar has lived her entire life in the southern country of Eldevar, surrounded by pristine white walls, glittering golden bridges, and the vast expanse of the Sea of Sapphyris. Yet she feels a constant sense that she is missing something; her name is not an Eldish one, and she does not have the copper skin or lustrous black hair characteristic of the Southern regions. Rather, her skin is freckled and alabaster pale; while her hair is a dark, rich ginger, and her eyes are the color of amber. Desmaar often longs to journey to the lethally cold northern lands, a feeling that is frequently intensified by the fact that she is adopted.
However, at the same time, a war is brewing in the north, between the fearsome and legendary Alastor, and the infamous below-ground nation of Braalda. The world holds its breath in terror as Alastor prepares to strike, yet Braalda possesses formidable explosive weapons. This war is one in a series of many, but this time, darker shadows hide behind the mask of violence.
Eleven years ago, something was stolen from the great emperor Faustus Calydian, ruler of Braalda. And now, a secret has drifted up from the south. The time has come for an ancient fury to be unleashed... and it will take none other than Desmaar herself to step between these two warring forces, to clear the name of an entire country, and to spare the whole eastern continent from certain annihilation...

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