Tangled in Love

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Chapter 1

Drew Archers

by: KrissyKat
Elizabeth sighed as she walked into her classroom, there was a test today and she was not prepared at all! She quickly walked to her desk and sat down, it was 2nd period; Geometry, she rolled her eyes. Elizabeth heard the desk next to her move a little and she smiled assuming it was Stacy, she turned and opened her mouth to speak but quickly shut it, it wasn't Stacy who had sat next to her, it was Drew Archers! He had only been her crush since 1st grade, but they had never really talked before. She looked away not wanting to stare at him, or that gorgeous face of his, he had the cutest Smile with perfectly white teeth, the most beautiful bright baby blue eyes she had ever seen, his brown hair cut choppy like to cover his right eye. He worse wrist bands with all of her favorite bands; Black Veil Brides, Pierce The Veil, Blood on the Dance Floor, he had every color converse you could imagine, except brown. He hated Brown.
Drew and Elizabeth would be perfect together! If she didn't have a boyfriend, and he didn't have a girlfriend, in fact her boyfriend and his girlfriend would probably be better off with each other than with them. Elizabeth glanced over at him and saw him starting, he quickly turned away and she blushed. Stacy came running in the room and stopped when she saw Drew in her seat, Elizabeth knew she was about to go off on him about that being 'her seat' and him needing to move before she 'kicked his a*s'. "Stacy, come sit over here!" She called, glaring, and motioning her to the seat on the opposite side of her, Stacy looked at Drew then back at Elizabeth and sighed in defeat. "Fine." She angrily walked over and sat with a huff on the chair, Elizabeth laughed.
Drew lightly tapped Elizabeth on the shoulder, she felt a chill go up her spine and quickly turned towards him. "Do you have a pen I could borrow? I left mine in my locker, the bells going to ring soon and I don't want to be late." He looked at her with a soft smile, she nodded and turned to her bag pulling out her favorite pen handing it to him. "Thanks." He smiled and began writing in his notebook. Elizabeth looked over at Stacy and saw Molly glaring behind her, Molly was getting jealous because she let Drew borrow a pen, she had issues, it was just a pen, it's not like they started making out and the whole class cheering them on, it was a pen. Elizabeth shook her head and looked at Stacy again. "I think I'm beginning to like Geometry, Stacy."
The bell rang and they both giggled looking at Molly, Stacy leaned over to Elizabeth and whispered "Do you see the steam coming out of her nose too?" The teacher cleared his throat looking at them, "Ladies, do you have something to share with the whole class?" The two girls looked at each other and burst out laughing then shook their head laughing. "No sir!" They said in unison, Elizabeth peaked over at Drew, he was looking at Molly and mouthing 'Sorry' he looked at her and handed back her pen. "Thanks.." Elizabeth nodded "Anytime."


Stacy opened her locker and put her books in then took Elizabeth's putting them in next to hers, Elizabeth sighed. "Molly seems so controlling, I wish she would just leave him alone already!" Stacy nodded "Yeah, it was the same with Ben," She smiled "But now he's mine!" Elizabeth laughed and hit her over the head. "Well I'm glad you're happy." They went across the hall to Elizabeth's locker, she opened it and a folded piece if paper fell out, she bend down and picked it up, a strand of black hair falling in front of her face.
Stacy giggled "You got a note!" Elizabeth laughed "Thank you captain obvious." Stacy grabbed her book out of Elizabeth's locker. "I got to get to class, see you at lunch!" Elizabeth waved as Stacy walked away and grabbed her books out of her locker, she was dying to know what the note said but she couldn't read it now or she'd be late. She quickly slammed her locker shut, stuffed the note inside of her bag, then sighed, turned around, and hurried off to class.
Elizabeth always looked forward to 3rd period, Drew was in this class and he didn't have Molly monitoring his every move. Elizabeth dug the note out of her bag and unfolded it, it was from Mark, her boyfriend!

It's over.

Elizabeth folded the note back up and turned to look at Mark three rows behind her, she stood up. Tears slowly formed in her eyes, the bell rang and the teacher said to take their seats, she remained standing and walked back to him. "It's over? It's over? After everything I put up with for you, all of your bullshit! And all you say is that it's over?" She threw the note at him, tears now streaming down her face. "I'm glad it's over! I'm tired of all your whining, and complaining, the cocky attitude and you taking complete control over me, getting mad at me when I refused to have s*x with you because I'm not a whore like all of your other girlfriends were! But really over a freaking note? I'm not worth an actual face-to-face conversation? So what was it? Not having $ex with you? Is that why you're ending it?" Mark nodded, Elizabeth cried, slapped him hard across his face, and ran out of the room. The teacher looked at Mark, shook his head, and began the lesson.
Drew looked at Mark then ran out after Elizabeth, he heard her crying coming from the girls bathroom, he looked around making sure no one was watching and walked in there. Elizabeth was in the stall on the end sitting on the floor her arms hugging her knees to her chest. Drew walked to it, the door wasn't shut all of the way, he opened the door and closed it then locked it behind him. "Are you alright, Elizabeth?" Drew asked pulling her close to him, she shook her head fast crying hard "Shh, it's okay. At least you don't have to deal with him anymore, right?" She nodded slowly. Her cries became little hiccups, then stopped.
They sat in silence for a while, until Elizabeth looked up at him. "Why did you follow me? Molly will be mad." He shrugged, she can deal with it, you needed somebody and Mark wasn't going to help and your friend...uh...Stacy?" She nodded, slowly hugging him tight, he blushed and stuttered. "U-uh.. S-she wasn't there to help you." Drew helped her stand up and walked back to their class room, he told her to stay there and went inside, he came back a few minutes later with her things. "I told him I was taking you to the counselors, but I think it'd be better for you to leave the school."


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