Heroes of Olympus: Group Story (I need 2 boys/1 girl yet)

We are the children of Greek or Roman Gods, after the 7 have returned, there was another Great Prophecy. Please do not put a character down if you have not read the books, or do not know mythology.

Chapter 1


Our characters are the new heroes and are to defeat an enemy we thought was dead. Its been 5 years since Percy's group returned. Each of us has been trained well. There will be a total of 9 of us including myself. There will be 3 groups combining, three demigods in each group. I will choose the leader of each group. The characters will consist of one loner, a pair of twins, one optimist, one realist, one overly confident, one that uses nice to cover emotional pains, one that doesn't shut up and one that speaks with big words. There will be 5 boys and 4 girls.

My Character:

Allura Jones
Age: 14
Human Parent: James Jones, Electrician/Illusionist
God Parent: Hecate
Abilities: The Mist, Can see every option
Trainer: Percy and Hazel
Physical: Long wavy blond hair, bright green eyes, fair skin, 5'5", athletic build, wears sandles and jeans all the time
Personality: Stubborn, intelligent though has many blond moments, follows instincts, adventurous, loves food, smiles a lot, good funny bone, serious when matters, spontaneous
Personality Tick: uses nice to hide emotional pain

Your Guidelines:

Human Parent:
God Parent:
Personality Tick:

If you can't fit it all in 1 comment, put the rest in a reply to that comment. And please make your character unique. The personality tick is one of the things I listed in the paragraph, choose 1 and don't pick the easiest one unless it goes with your character.


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