Three Hellos, Two Tales, One Goodbye

Chapter 1

Difference Between Fact and Fake

When you say to yourself, my life is a fact, it is the reality, the horrible day to day, same thing, same schedule every day, of every month, of every year. Every second that passes, each minute that passes, every hour that passes. Tick, tock.

Continue that painful listening of the tick of a second passing, of every tock that a minute passes.

Now imagine that this is your life, every day, staring at the clock, tapping your pencil on the desk, eyeing the clock until the final bell, the moment everyone waits for.

Now, imagine the girl in all black. Hair and clothes, backpack and shoes. Now, see that girl walking down the hall, not making a sound, just carrying out her day like she lived it for her entire life.

And, actually, she has. This girl is important to my story. This girl never had friends. This girl was bullied. I was new to this "school", just starting out.

My name is Hope. This is a story of a girl, a girl left out of the world, when one new hope comes to bring her back into the light.

When two girls of two seperate worlds, light and dark, meet, can they come together, grasp hands, and make it in this world, of abandonment and heartbroken moments?

The world is a cruel place, but with a friend, could one girl be brought back from the dark side, and join the light?

Three hellos, two girls, one hope, one goodbye. In this story, visit the tales of two girls, and their journey through the same days, same school.

If you could be one's hope, one's light, would you bring them back into the light? If there was a kid being bullied, being hurt and broken, would you stand up? Would you stand in front of them, risk yourself for the friend you could make? Would you.....? Would you? Just think about it until the end, then I will gladly think of your decision. Upstander or Bystander? Friend or Foe?

Yes or no? Would you be someone's friend, no matter who they were, just by judging their heart and good soul?

Would you be someone's friend? Would you be the Bully or be the Friend?

Let me let you process that as you read, then give me your answer the end.

Our story begins with the girl of darkness, Kenzie, beautiful name with an ugly past.

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