Group Story Sign Ups! (This is a bit different)

Chapter 1

This is going to be a bit different

Hello my wonderful friends! Well, yet again, I have decided to do a group story! I do hope you'll sign up, but never mind that. IMPORTANT: I will not wait forever for you to write your chapter, so please be able to update when it's your turn. At the end, after you all have gone, I will choose the best story, and you will get to write a bonus chapter!

The idea: This is going to be a bit different. Each of you will get a chapter to write. Now, don't get to excited. You still have to follow a few rules, plus the overall plot.
Now here's the fun part. You get to write your favourite ship. You can write whoever, whatever, anything.

Rules: there are very few rules, but there are some.
1. No sex. Just, no.
2. I'd prefer if you didn't write the same ship as someone else, but if you do, I don't mind.
3. HAVE FUN! Biggest rule ever.

All you have to do is comment with your ship, and you're in!


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