The Fault In Our Stars Character Poems

Well. This isn't a follow-up on my Infernal Devices poems buuut if you want to check those out please do!

Hazel Grace and Augustus are quite remarkable characters in a quite remarkable book. I write my poetry based on emotional connections and this pair packed quite the punch, as those who've read the book probably know already.

Read, rate, give feedback--always appreciated!--and most importantly, enjoy!

Chapter 1

Hazel Grace's Poem ~ Broken Infinity

Here's the thing about forever
It's not
It's oblivion,
The call of the void
A certain delicate prose
That screams, come here, love,
Let me kiss you
Juxtaposition at its finest
An allusion to the fact
Unshakable, unbreakable
This is the law--
We all end
The certain level of infinity
Where it doesn't go on
But I wish we could
We deserve more than
A broken infinity
A number
A list of days where
He was mine and I was his
When I loved him like sleep
When we stood outside the circle,
Just so,
When we were alone
But here's another thing
The good die young
The best die fast
And the extraordinary leave a mark on us all

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