Gakuen Hetalia Meme~!

1. Denmark
2. Awylla
3. France
4. Russia
5. Horu
6. NK
7. Braalda
8. Japan
9. Seoul
10. Prussia

Chapter 1

Alastor's POV~!

by: _Haunted_
You wake up to find [5] sitting next to your bed.
Horu? Well, yeah, that makes sense, seeing as he's my brother.

After dealing with that, you go to get dressed and ready for your day; only to have [4] invade your room and choose your clothes for you. No exception.
.-. How did Russia even get into my house...? Eh, whatever. He just chooses that t-shirt with Eldy's flag on it and a pair of jeans.

Now that you're a fashion disaster; or fashion win?; you head to the kitchen and discover [8] making you breakfast.
X3 Aww~ Japan~ snuggles him I dunno how he got in, either, but meh.

Oh crap! You missed the bus! Fortunately, [1] is here to give you a ride.
Denmark~? Alright, whatever. He's cool, even if he's a little weird~

By some miracle you make it to school on time. Heading to your first class, you get a new seating arrangement and have to sit in the back with [6]. What happens?
NK is cool as well~ But she's really weird. pokes her cheek~

Study hall; [9] is failing a class and is working on make-up homework next to you. They ask you for help.
.n. Seoul is failing a class? When did this happen? Well, I help him~

Time for Physical Education! (Gym if you don't want to be technical) The class plays dodgeball and somehow you and [2] are the last two players on your team.
Me? Dodgeball? .~. Okay, yeah, I can hit pretty hard, but forget about good aim...

In the shower after gym, you find [7] in a towel making poses in the mirrors.
=u=" Braalda~? snaps some pictures to show Rhee~

Hope you can sing & it's time for experimental music! You walk into the class to find [3] rocking out on a tuba.
Aww, France plays the tuba~? That's cute~ He'd better hope Haiti doesn't come in and whack him for making too much noise.

[10] is walking with you, when they suddenly "trip" and fall down a flight of stairs.
Prussia is so clumsy and adorable~ I help him up, then tell Hungary about it~

Lunch! You're sitting with the usual group of [2], [9], and [5].
Awylla, Horu, and Seoul~ Well, Awylla is telling them about some immensely embarrassing things they did and giggling about their reactions~

Science class is about to start and you're doing a partner-required experiment today. But because someone is out sick, there's an odd number of students. [4] and [6] are fighting over who gets to be your partner.
=~= Of course NK and Russia are fighting... can't they at least get along at school? But, since I don't care about rules, I partner up with both of them~

Free period! You head to the library only to find [1] having a secret "study session" with [8].
ouo Denmark x Japan~? Ships! Totally crack, but ships!

Since the library is out of the question, you head to the computer lab instead & where [7] is doing something totally school inappropriate on the Internet!!
snickers and watches over her shoulder Well, Braalda~ Been hanging out with France, have we~?

Scarred for life, you head outside in hopes of finding some peace and quiet. Unfortunately, before you can settle, [3] and [10] find you.
France and Prussia? Where's your pet derp, Spain?

Nothing got done during free period, so now you head to math class. But immediately you're tugged into the seat between [2] and [6], who are fighting with each other for some reason.
=n= lifts them both up by the backs of their shirts NK, Awylla, can we not act like kids?

End of math & thank the heavens! On your way out, a rubber-band is shot against the back of your head. You turn around to see that [4] was the culprit.
o^o whacks Russia Really, dude?

Now for the last class of the day; art. Doing a pottery unit, you're casually working at your "pot" when [5], [7], and [9] start a mushy-clay fight!
Horu, Braalda, and Seoul... ouo I join in and kick their asses~

The art teacher is making the entire class stay after to clean up the very messy room. You and [1] are paired off to be "cleaning buddies". Do you actually get any cleaning done?
Denmark and I? Cleaning? Psssht. 'Course not. Instead, I give him a bottle of khelchorah 'cause we're friends~

After the room has been satisfactorily cleaned, you're allowed to go home. [10] walks you home, since you missed the bus for the second time that day.
Aww~ Prussia~ >u> snuggles him I know he thinks I'm awesome, too~

Upon reaching your house, you spy [3] and [8] having a cardboard sword fight out front and [8] is losing.
o^o Waaaait. France? Winning? Against Japan!?

Thinking you finally can get some relaxation, you go to sink into the couch, only to have the doorbell ring. It's [9] and [10], here for a surprise group study!
Seoul and Prussia~? Well, if it's Prussia, I know there won't be any studying done~ .u. Instead, we clean out my pockets~

Homework is done! All that's left is dinner! And, low-and-behold, [6] is somehow in your kitchen, cooking.... something.
ouo glomps NK~ I bet she's making... umm... Those tiny roasted fish my admin had at a Korean restaurant once~ They had their heads still on and everything~

Having eaten, you FINALLY can relax in peace, right? Wrong; [7] calls you to mope over something [3] did.
Braalda's probably complaining about France groping her or trying to make her eat snails. =3=

Lengthy phone calls over, you head upstairs to head to bed. But there's a problem with that... [4] is going through your underwear drawer.
o^o shoves Russia out Not even gonna ask...

Exhausted from such a long day, you sink into bed. However, the presence of another causes a disturbance in the force... Is that [2] looking through your window?
.n." Sometimes I feel like Awylla is everywhere...

Back in bed, you're about to drift off when your neighbor, [8], starts blasting loud music next door.
Japan? Why? ;A; bangs on the wall and yells at him to stop

Unable to sleep, you stare up at the ceiling andー HOLY KUMAJESUS, is that [1] staring down at you from a hole in the ceiling?!
.__. Ceiling Denmark... Nope! flings a pillow at him Go away!

At last, sleep starts to take you into it's arms. So warm, so comforting, so.... Real. Oh wait, it's not sleep holding you. It's [5].
Awww~ Horu again~ X3 snuggles him He's so cute~


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