Chapter 1


by: Grunge

Okay, now let’s cut to the chase…

This group story will be based in this world, but this world in a time of deathly crisis. The world has become infected with a fatal illness that’s EXTREMLEY contagious and dangerous. This illness was named the Dolor Mortem, meaning to endure much pain and suffering before you die. The Dolor Mortem has no cure, and scientists believe that it is hopeless to find one due to how quick the earth’s population is dropping. It consists of countless sub diseases including brain ischemia, and many variations of it, flesh eating disease, and forms of tainted blood. However, those are minor compared to the Dolor Mortem as a whole. In most cases the victim dies in a span of two weeks after enduring extreme suffering that most often causes some people to be euthanized or commit suicide. The victim can suffer in endless possibilities due to how many diseases are found in the Dolor Mortem. Most times it is very gruesome to see, and flesh eating disease as well as many forms of brain ischemia are visible. The victims most times have strokes, loss of skin, bone erosion, slurred speaking, hear failure, and collapsing lungs.

However, the Dolor Mortem is actually somewhat avoidable. Doctors around the world insist people to get multiple needles for multiple diseases, they believe this will help keep the highly contagious Dolor Mortem at bay. Another way to avoid it is to isolate yourself in a sterile environment, do not go in public. But that’s an extreme challenge. The Dolor Mortem came unnoticed at first, it was a surprised, no one was prepared. Nobody knew how it came, or how it spread, it just appeared.

So, now that you know about the disease, let’s get to know what our characters are going to do. Well, they aren’t immune to the sickness, but they don’t have it and they want it to stay that way. Most of them will live in highly infected areas and decide to leave for somewhere more sterile, because there is a place… it’s just very far away. Our characters all live in the same state, in the USA, but they don’t necessarily know each other. They will meet up somehow, and decide to travel to the safe zone. The safe zone is in northern Canada, it’s in Nunavut, but it able to be infected. There are other safe zones, such as Antarctica, Alaska, and the other two territories of northern Canada.

Okay, you need to create your character now… MAKE SURE TO READ MINE SO YOURS ISN’T LIKE IT! Also read other people’s too! Make your characters unique and vary from each other. I want this group story to be good, suspenseful, exciting, and dramatic so make sure you’re up for it.

Here are the rules for your characters:

-do not make your back story like mine or anyone else’s

-do not make your character perfect, there’s no need

-make sure your character is unique and interests me

-make sure your character is unlike mine or anyone else’s

-give me loads of details

NOTE: we need 2+ boys and there WILL MOST LIKELY be cuts!!!

Okay, so here’s the template:

Back story:

My character:

Name: Olive Undine
Gender: female
Age: 17
Height: a tad above 5’3”
Weight: around 100 pounds
Appearance: she looks much like her mother: slim, lithe, slightly built, and quite curvy for a smaller girl. Her skin is fair and kind of pale. She has chest-length curly ebony hair, and a small nose that smoothly and gradually curves upwards. Her eyes are an olive green (hence her name) and are outlined by thick, dark lashes. Her lips are full and she has a space between her two front teeth. She never wears makeup and is a natural beauty.
Clothing: she wears ripped washed out skinny jeans that are baggy at the ankles and calves, along with black leather combat boots, and a warm studded jacket. Under the jacket is a gun, a black tank top which is being worn, and a locket with a picture of her mother in it. She also carries around a leather backpack with a print on it that hold all of the stiff she packed before she left her house.
Personality: moody, determined, and sometimes sullen. She has insanely violent mood swings that are extremely spontaneous. She was diagnosed with Bi Polar disorder at an early age and currently takes meds for it, they help a lot. However, she tries not to show her impulsive side in front of her little sister, Tawny. Olive is extremely protective towards her and sometimes bossy because she cares so much. She also can be humorous and sarcastic at times, and kind-hearted towards those she trusts… but she doesn’t trust easily.
Back story: her father left her mother when she was pregnant with her, then she got back with him before Tawny was born just to leave her again. Her mother was always inspiring to Olive, she loved her dearly… then one day the Dolor Mortem arrived where they lived, unexpected. Once they heard of the breakout they bought masks and stocked up… but they ran out and eventually their mother had to go out in public and get more supplies. She came back coughing, it acted quick, and Olive was horrified. Her mother told her to stay away, she put a mask on herself and forced the girls to as well. She made Olive leave with Tawny, packed them some stuff, and shoved them away in tears. It was to protect them, and they knew that. She told them to head north, she told them where Nunavut was. Olive left in tears, a mess of rage and horror, but adapted into a determined mind set, motivated to protect Tawny… make sure her fate wasn’t the same as her mother’s was.
Other: She’s a lot tougher than she looks, able to use a gun and knife well along with her limbs. She’s adaptable, has no one left from her family alive except her and her sister, and will do anything to keep her alive.

Olive’s sister:

Name: Tawny Undine
Gender: female
Age: 13
Height: 4’11”
Weight: 82 pounds
Appearance: she is very small and looks younger than 13. She looks like her father with her strawberry blonde hair and freckles on fair skin. Her eyes stare up at you, a deep and wondrous blue. She wears braces and has a similar ski slope nose to her older sister Olive.
Clothing: she wears an oversized sweater, thermal leggings, a face mask, and white converse sneakers.
Personality: very naïve, optimistic, and brave. She always looks on the bright side, but sometimes find it exceptionally hard to face truths she doesn’t want to.
Other: she is too outgoing around strangers. She often looks toward Olive for security and comfort, but finds it annoying when she feels she doesn’t need it and gets it anyway.

Okay, now impress me with your character!!

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