Anti-Mary Sue Crusaders

You know what Mary Sues are, right? Well, the whole fandomverse is infested with them and the Anti-Mary Sue Crusaders have only one mandate: to kill the Mary Sues and Gary Stus alike.

Chapter 1

Going Undercover

Harry Potter Universe. 7:00pm EST.

"Agent 6007, status report."

Agent 6007 looked up from her Transfiguration homework and grimaced. She pulled back her sleeve to reveal a black watch that was actually a communication device to a special agency called the Anti-Mary Sue Crusaders. She pressed a silver button and a blue hologram of Lieutenant Kinomoto coalesced from several pixels and appeared floating above the watch face with her hands on her hips. "Well?"

"Not yet, lieutenant." Agent 6007 sighed.

"Megan, for God's sake. This is your first mission since you left the Academy! Don't fail this one!"

Agent 6007 scowled. "I'm working on it. Don't pressure me."

"Tomorrow, eliminate the problem."

"Yes, ma'am."

Megan turned the watch off and went to bed, a plan forming in her mind.

* * *

Mary Sue Priscilla Raven Caramelldancen Honey Oak Oxford walked past the crowd of admirers, clutching Harry's arm with her perfectly manicured fingernails and smiling and waving. All the students loved her, even Draco Malfoy! She wore a beautiful version of the Hogwarts uniform and every girl wanted to look like her. Her long waist golden hair was shinier and fuller each time people saw her, her bright blue eyes glimmered like diamonds and her flawless tanned skin shone in the sunlight.

Megan lurked in the crowd, ready to snipe Mary with a pink gun. She aimed for the head and shot her. The problem screamed in pain as black blood gushed from her brain. Slowly, she turned into her true form which was a massive pink blob with mouths for eyes and she turned to face Megan who had a smirk on her face before shooting Mary's jewel-encrusted tonsil.


Megan turned to the others and grinned before shaking Harry's hand and disappearing in a puff of blue smoke.

End of Chapter 1

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