The Writer's Puzzle (The first puzzle has been posted)

Just a thing.

Chapter 1


This game needs 8 players to work, but we can have more. There are two possible roles you can be assigned at the beginning of the game:

Welcome, (name). You are a Player. Your job is to discover who the Writer is. At any time in the game, you can post your guess as to who the Writer is. Your quicktopic account is named (username) and your password is (password).
Win condition: Guess the Writer correctly.

Welcome, (name). You are the Writer. Your job is to create one puzzle of any kind each week. These can be created using any kind of cipher, riddle or system you want. Once solved, this puzzle will give a hint towards your identity. Remember, you're trying to keep your role a secret. Your quicktopic account is named (username) and your password is (password).
Win condition: When there are one or less Players left.

As mentioned in the Writer's role PM, once a week, a puzzle will appear. The Writer MUST submit a puzzle to me, which I will post on the discussion page. All Players and the Writer can talk about the game and share their thoughts at any time. Players can guess whenever they want, but if they guess wrong, both the voter and the voted are eliminated.

Do not talk about the game with anyone on Quibblo. Use only this page:
Do not, at any point, post the name of your Quibblo account on the discussion page.
Do not use the discussion page to talk about anything unrelated to the game.
Have fun!

To join the game, just say that you're in, in the comments. If sufficient players have joined, I will assign roles Tuesday evening (EST), 04-01-2014, or 01-04-2014, depending on where you live. If not, it will begin Friday, 04-04-2014.

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