Ace Attorney- New Revolution Turnabout

Ace Attorney- New Revolution Turnabout

These are the season finale episodes. This one is a bit more gruesome then it's counterparts so if you have a weak stomach then I'd advise that you stay away from this episode. Please enjoy this eight part episode.

Chapter 1

Episode 23: New Revolution Turnabout

( Beep, beep! )


( Angie runs to the Intensive Care Unit at the end of the hall on the first floor. Suspense 2001- From the Ace Attorney series. )

Angie- What seems to be the problem here?

(One of the patients is on the floor dead in a pool of blood. Someone in the room begins to attack and pushes Angie on top of the dead patient and disappears. One of the other nurses finds Angie covered in blood and finds the patient next to her.)

Angie- (Crying.) I didn’t do it, please you’ve got to believe me!

(Music fades out. )

Ace Attorney Opening

Phoenix- Hi, My name is Phoenix Wright. I was once a famous attorney that fought countless battles till one day I met a rookie prosecutor that cost me my badge. I aided Apollo through his battle. The courtroom has gotten to be even worse since I was gone. I went back and took the bar exam again to take on these fierce opponents. My road will change forever now because my old friends have come and helped me on my new quest in the courthouse. I am ready for battle, OBJECTION!! (Objection 2001- from: Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney)

January 10, 2026- 9:00 a.m.-Wright & Co. Law Offices

( Phoenix is at his desk when Maya runs in to tell Phoenix the news. )

Maya- Nick, Nick! Someone was murdered at a hospital yesterday.

Phoenix- Who was arrested?

Maya- A nurse that works at the hospital.

Phoenix- Apollo already has a case right now, so I guess it’s you and me this time, Maya.

Maya- Apollo is doing that robbery case, right?

Phoenix- That’s right, with the situation with Iris this was the least I could do. Let’s talk to our new client.

Maya- That sounds like a great idea, Nick.

January 10, 2026- 10:00a.m.-Detention Center

(Phoenix and Maya are waiting for their client to arrive. )

Phoenix- That must be her.

Maya- She’s dressed like a nurse.

( Angie shows up. )

Phoenix- Hi, this is Maya and I’m Phoenix Wright. I’ll be your attorney on this case.

Angie- So you’re the one they called I’m Angie Thompson, I work at Caduceus.

Phoenix- That hospital again.

Maya- What is it Nick?

Phoenix- In Iris’ case there was a nurse that also worked at Caduceus. (Turns towards Angie.) So, is this a special hospital?

Angie- It’s a research hospital, we work on finding new cure for new medical diseases.

Phoenix- Can you tell us about the victim?

Angie- Her name was Ashley McMichael, she was 19 years old. She was in a car accident and was immediately rushed into ICU. I was called to ICU and someone jumped me. I found her already dead in a pool of her own blood.

Maya- Wow, you must had it ruff.

Phoenix- A nurse saw you and called the cops.

Angie- That’s right.

Phoenix- Edgeworth usually had an investigation like this sewed up. If your hospital is part of the investigation team.

Angie- It is, the investigation started as soon as the cops showed up.

Phoenix- That means you were a suspect as soon as they saw the crime scene. Were you present with this girl the whole time?

Angie- From the moment she was admitted into the hospital. The only time I left her was when the doctors told me to get blood.

Phoenix- Was she left alone?

Angie- Not that I remember?

Phoenix- So it’s possible that there was still a doctor there.

Angie- When they called me back there was no doctors in sight.

Maya- That would be hard to prove since you were the only one they found at the scene.

Angie- I pleaded with them and they didn’t believe me. The nurse that saw me was a new nurse at the hospital. I think her name is Wendy Albright.

Phoenix- (Shocked.) What?!

( Search ~ Core 2001 is heard in the background. )

Angie- (Shocked.) What is it? Did I say something wrong?

Phoenix- She’s the same nurse that was a witness in the case where I defended Iris. This can’t be a coincidence.

Maya- Isn’t she the mother to the 9 year old that was murdered?

Phoenix- Yes.

Angie- Did she murder her daughter?

Phoenix- No, her ex-husband did, she was also a victim in that case and so was Iris and Pearl because Richard sworn them to secrecy. If they said anything he was going to kill them.

Angie- Richard must be the ex.

Phoenix- Right.

Maya- But what does Wendy have against you?

Angie- Maybe I yelled at her during her training.

Phoenix- That could be, you seem to have forgotten her.

Angie- Not really, I just didn’t pay much attention to her that much because I had my own work to do. If I needed her I called on her from time to time.

Maya- You make it sound like she doesn’t do anything at the hospital.

Angie- Sometimes she’s not doing anything, we find her standing around and she’s suppose to keep most of the paperwork straight.

Phoenix- You have one of those at every work field.

Angie- Don’t I know it.

Phoenix- Thank you Angie, we would like to have permission to investigate the crime scene.

( Music fades out. )

Angie- Talk to the director.

Phoenix- Who’s the director?

Angie- Dr. Derek Stiles, or if he’s not there then the chief director Dr. Sidney Kasal.

Phoenix- I’m sure we will find one of those two. Come on Maya, let’s go.

Maya- Okay, nice talking to you, Angie.

Angie- No problem.

January 10, 2026- 10:30 a.m.- Caduceus U.S.A.

( Phoenix and Maya arrives at the hospital, they run into a doctor at the front counter. )

Phoenix- Excuse me, but may we speak to the director?

???- You found him.

Phoenix- You must be Dr. Stiles.

Dr. Stiles- That I am, what can I do for you?

Phoenix- One of our clients happens to be a nurse that works here and we were wondering if you’ll let us investigate the crime scene?

Dr. Stiles- Sure why not, if it’s for Angie then investigate with your hearts content.

Maya- Where have I heard that one before?

Phoenix- From me, when I told you about the murder of that detective.

Maya- Oh, that case involving Ema and Lana.

Phoenix- That’s the one.

( They head off to the Intensive Care Unit. )

January 10, 2026- 10: 35 a.m.- Caduceus: ICU

Maya- Wow.

Phoenix- I know, it looks like the morgue after an autopsy.

Maya- She must have been sliced like a pig.

Phoenix- What horror movie have you been watching?

Maya- The one Global Studios did last year called “I Know What Farm You Run.”

Phoenix- That explains it.

( Phoenix starts taking notes on what he sees at the crime scene. )

Maya- Find anything new?

Phoenix- No, everything is as Angie said it was. I can’t seem to find a single clue that indicates a struggle.

Maya- She said she was in a struggle with someone, right?

Phoenix- Yeah, no clues seem to claim her testimony though.

Maya- I hope she’s not lying.

Phoenix- Maybe she’s not.

( Phoenix finds a blond hair attached to the bulletin board on the wall. )

Maya- What’d you find, Nick?

Phoenix- A peace of blond hair, it seems to be the same color as Angie’s hair.

Maya- Could she have bumped her head?

Phoenix- She didn’t need to be on the back end of the room.

Maya- If this is the Intensive Care Unit, where are the rest of the patients here?

Phoenix- They usually transport then to another hospital until this case is over with.

Maya- Okay.

Phoenix- Let’s talk to Dr. Stiles.

Maya- Right.

( They head for the main desk where they find Dr. Stiles. )

January 10, 2026- 10:40 a.m.- Caduceus Front Desk.

Phoenix- Dr. Stiles?

Dr. Stiles- What can I do for you?

Phoenix- First I need a DNA test on this strand of hair.

Dr. Stiles- Done.

( Phoenix hands him the hair strand .)

Phoenix- Now I want to hear your side of what transpired here.

Dr. Stiles- No problem, well, first we had a patient that arrived yesterday that was rushed directly to ICU. Angie and two other doctors were assisting the patient at the time. One of the doctors told Angie to go and get a blood pack ‘cause the patient had lost a lot of blood. Angie was heading to get blood when for some reason Angie was called back to ICU.

Phoenix- Why?

Dr. Stiles- I don’t know, the doctors that were there were missing when Angie arrived.

Maya- Where were they found?

Dr. Stiles- At the research lab, they said they left to have her blood tested and they didn’t need Angie for anything else but for blood.

Phoenix- Who was one of the doctors?

Dr. Stiles- Dr. Kimishima.

Phoenix- Where is she at the moment?

Dr. Stiles- At the police station, she’s going to be a witness at tomorrow’s trial.

Phoenix- Well, guess Apollo won’t be alone tomorrow.

Maya- Nope, guess we’ll be next door neighbors.

Dr. Stiles- You two remind me of Angie and I.

Phoenix- No we don’t, the road isn’t that pretty that we went through.

Dr. Stiles- I can’t really say that Angie and I had it easy either.

Maya- No, Nick and I ran into each other by accident when we came upon my sister’s dead body.

Dr. Stiles- I take it back, your road was worse than Angie’s and mines. So will you be ready for tomorrow?

Phoenix- I’m never ready for tomorrow.

Maya- What do you mean, Nick? We’ve got to be ready for tomorrow.

Dr. Stiles- I don’t blame you, neither would I be ready.

Phoenix- ‘Nuff said.

( To Be Continued. )

Next Time- (Phoenix.) Before we take you into the courtroom we have to take a step back to Apollo’s case. There’s a reason why when you see the next episode. Part 2- Robbing Blood Bank Turnabout.

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