Reasons why...(Intro)

I decided to make this to tell you some of the reasons why I do or believe certain things. Look at the chapter titles every time and enjoy :)

I won't talk about serious issues, such as religion or gay rights, because I don't want a war to break out here :)

Chapter 1

...I like Lady Gaga

by: Natasitsa
1) She has one of the best voices in modern world. She sings beautifully and can reach all tones of voice!

2) She sings great live, while most singers don't! Even when she does not use auto-tune, her voice remains strong and powerful.

3) She is totally extravagant!! Her style has made her one of the most widely-known fashion icons! Who hasn't heard of the famous meat dress or the bubble dress? Here you can see it:
And her hairstyles! All the colors mixed! The white bow, the short purple hair, the wavy green hair, the Poker Face hair...all amazing!

4) She cares about the world. She has made a whole non-profit organization "The Born This Way Foundation"!

5) She encourages us to be ourselves and always happy. Her 2011 album, Born This Way, taught us the meaning of loving ourselves and being satisfied with who we are! She also condemns bullying. On the whole, Lady Gaga is a good role model and a passionate philanthropist.

6) She is a gay-rights supporter! She gives hot speeches on the subject and encourages everyone to do the same.

7) She writes all her songs! She is not like some singers-hem, hem, or bands-hem, hem, who have their songs written by others! Lady Gaga does have talent both in songwriting and in singing.

8) Through her songs, she sends great social messages. As I already mentioned, she talks about being ourselves but she also sings about the value of love and tolerance.

9) Her piano skills are totally amazing! She started learning the piano from when she was just four years old and if you see her in live concerts playing, you will see her huge talent.

10) She is also a great actress! She recently played in a film called Machete Kills and I have read that she gave a very outstanding performance.

11) She loves her fans, whom she calls Little Monsters (and herself Mother Monster). Every time she releases a song, she dedicates it to her fans. And when she performs in concerts, she has a lovable attitude towards her fans, not like some other singers-hem, hem.

12) Her music videos! She is one of the artists with the most popular, controversial, hot videos that everyone in the world knows! Bad Romance, Telephone, Poker Face are the most outstanding!

13) She can dance. If you watch her dance in her music videos or live, you will see that she can move in an amazing, magical way.

14) She is unique and creative; she is one and only. She has opened a new age of fashion, creativity, style and she is considered by many the new Queen Of Pop. She does not copy others. She is authentic and has created her own, wonderful style.

I think she deserves the title Queen Of Pop.

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