Reasons why...(Intro)

I decided to make this to tell you some of the reasons why I do or believe certain things. Look at the chapter titles every time and enjoy :)

I won't talk about serious issues, such as religion or gay rights, because I don't want a war to break out here :)

Chapter 2

...I don't really post my stories on Quibblo

by: Natasitsa
I have posted only one story on Quibblo and another small one. I don't really intend to post other stories (MAYBE) and here is why:

1) As you may know, I am Greek, live in Greece and my first language is Greek. So, I write my stories in this language and if I wanted to post my stories here, I would have to translate them first and this is quite difficult and takes a lot of time-which is not something I have at my disposal.

2) Because of the Quibblo Property and stuff. Few people here have told me that the stories I write here become Quibblo's property and then I read the Terms and Conditions and saw it was true. Well, of course, Quibblo won't really care if I publish my stories and I am sure he won't use them otherwise but, just to be sure, I don't post my stories here.

3) I prefer writing in paper. Many people would think "Haha, is this a reason?" but for me it is. I just love touching the soft paper, breathing the smell of ink and pressing the pen to write. I appreciate these things so much, that they really help me write better. Not only is my hand-writing better but also the quality of my writing, because I am in a better environment. When I tried writing in an electronic way, I didn't like it so much.

4) When I write stories here, I can post only the first chapter and then the others. So, people read the first chapter and tell me to write more and if I don't, some may even press me. Well, as I don't want to disappoint them, I try to write-quickly. This can be stressful, trying to write and fill chapters as soon as possible to satisfy those who like the story, so it takes away the pleasure of writing.

5) Other people here may try to copy my story and really, nobody wants that. No author wants to see his work written in a slightly different way by someone else and see him get credit for it, as if he wrote it!

Well, these are the reasons why I avoid writing my stories on Quibblo. So, if you want to see the stories I have posted, click (here) and (here)

Maybe sometime I will write other stories too...who knows? It depends on my mood too! XD

Have a nice day! :)

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