The Mad Shattering World

Have you ever felt like your the only person on the planet thats different from everyone else well thats kind of how i am. I am the Keeper and i'm pretty much the only person on this God Forsaken planet thats 'Human' and not a slave or dead, so in short my life sucks.

Chapter 1

Creeping Slowly

"Now let me tell you a story, little one" the old tree stump looking thing said. The old tree stump is the only last thing other than me on this God forsaken planet. This world is old and we are supposed to go on to the next dimention but, why did this have to happen? The Good Lantai was supposed to be watching over us but, if he was watching us then why did everyone die? Why did they start killing each other? Mr.Tree says it's 'Human Nature'. Mr.Tree also belives that there is more survivors from the Archalinky War but, I just think Mr. Tree lost his marbles a long time ago, or mabye it was I that lost my marbles along time ago. I just don't know anymore, I mean what am I supposed to belive in?
I've been thinking that one little mishap and i would've been dead like everyone else. All I know is that we're the last 'Humans'. The Archalinky War was won by the Demons and Monsters and all the creatures that arn't humans. I didn't die because i'm a Keeper of the Great Blood Sword but, i usally transfrom it into a Blood Gun. Why couldn't i have been born like other girls, it's not like I wanted to die, but i get lonley sometimes with no one to relate to. It's not like i have survivors guilt, I just hate that I have to live in hiding while the Demons trample all over our world, I mean couldn't they trample over some other dimension?
I don't get their obsession with Humans. I feel sorry for the Human slaves. I shudder even thinking about it. I rub my chin.
"I said, Child do you want to hear a Story?" Mr.Tree says and sighs.
"No, thanks I'm going to go and look and explore the South forest" I say and turn.
"Another time then." he says and closes his ancient eyes to rest.
"Yes, another time you shall tell me a story see ya!" i say and run into the South Forest.
My name is Kuriosity Heartfilia but, everyone I knew called me Kuri. I have long black hair, purple eyes, and ivory skin. I am 5'1 and 105 pounds. I am seventeen and a girl. Today i have on black skinny jeans and a long sleeved shirt on with purple sneakers. I have white teeth apparently eating gumlerre makes your teeth all shiny and white.
I start walking and then I slow to a stop. I can materlise my weapong either sword or Gun. I named my sword Luccina and my gun, The Bloody Rose. I clear my throat and take notice of my surroundings and see a very large forest. The large South Forest sings "Little child of mine you are very lost, surrounded by my evily innoccent moss" it has a beautiful voice.
I laugh. The trees are calling themselves evil and innocent. Thats kind of funny.
"You there, Girl" says a mans voice. I turn and see a person. My spirits soar, Mr.Tree was right there were survivors, but then i look more closly. The man has black hair that goes to his shoulders and his face is very elegant with lips that are probaly beautiful when they smile but, are now set in a permanent frown. he has eyes that are golden with a hint of red. He has black pants with a long-sleeved white shirt and black boots. his hands are elegant but, this man is a Vampira and those are really bad. My bloods not like regular 'Humans', no my blood is gold.
"Who are you, girl? What are you doing in this forest?" he says with an elegany velvety voice.
"Which question do you want me to awnser first?" i ask trying to smother my laughter, but can't help but grin when i see his brow crease in frusteration. He's probaly aristocatsy and probaly dosn't get mouthed off to much.
"Don't play games with me, Girl" he says trying to cover his fury up, he looks real dangerous right now. I laugh.
"My names Kuri, nich to meetcha" i say and wave because I don't want to touch a Vampira.
"What are you dong here?" he says his frown deepining.
"No reason really, i'm just exploring, this is the last forest to explore and make a contract with" i say and turn around from him. The next thing I know he has me turning aroung and is gripping my shoulders. I look distastfully at his hands. A Vampira is touching me. I look up and see him looking down on me because I am short and Vampiras are tall, elegant, beautiful,strong, and very fast. Some of them have powers too.
"Yes?" i say and lift my eyebrows.
"What do you mean contract?" he says and looks into my eyes, to bad Vampira powers don't work against me since i'm a Keeper.
"Only two questions and i already awsered them" I say and am about to materalise my gun and shoot this Vampira straight through his head someone interups and jogs toward us.
This man has brown hair and a white eye paired whith a blue eye he can probaly see magic and auras and all that junk. He's called a mallinhm. He has a handsome face as well. He has a wide smile with dimples and a very tall-strong looking body. He looks very familiar. I'm pretty sure i've met him before. His name comes to my mind: Larel Consting. This is bad, I don't think he knows my name though. the men look roughly between nineteen and twenty-two years old.
"So this is where the magic is coming from, oh and Kafre you should let go of her I don't think she likes people touching her" he says and gestures to the gun that I materlised while he was talking. The Bloody Rose is right below Kafres chin. I clicked the back of the Gun so all i have to do is pull the trigger and his blood goes everywhere.
He snorts"A human gun is not going to kill me" Kafre says and laughs. He looks really pretty. I grin. When I do that he stops midlaugh.
"Um, hate to break it to you but, that gun is a Keepers Gun and can kill any creature it hits including Vampira and Immortal you can't take it away and use it yourself because just as they can materalise it they can demateralise it as well" he says and gesures for Kafre to let go and he does and i take three giant steps backwards.
"Are these keepers human?" Kafre ask with his glare.
Larel scratches his jaw and mumbles something.
"What?" Kafre says. Practically yells.
"Yes, please enighten us!" I say and one of my eyes turn green which means we can be dangerous. Larel takes three seps back.
"I said that is differs they can be 'human' or they can be 'Demons' but are different they have golden blood as well" hje says and shudders.
"Are you scared Mr.Larel Consting?" i ask innocently and grin when he takes a step back.
"How do you know my name?" he says like he's shocked probaly is.
"Don't know" i say and shrug. A little glowing thing comes toward us and then materalises into a little fairy looking thing.
"Master Heartfilia, it's bad this big monster thing is in our territory heading fast towards Mr.Tree" she says all in one breath. She looks really shaken.
"What does this thing look like" i say.
"Well i'm pretty sure it looks like Mr.Loray y'know the one with beauty like a fallen star with electric blue eyes and black hair and he's controlling big monsters like the firmonkre they're really big" she says in hypervinalting mode. Oh, crap this is bad.
"I shall assist you" Kafre and Larel say at the same time. I raise my eyebrows.The little fairy named rachelle gasps.
"I don't think you know what your getting yourselves into i mean-" she says. I cut her off..
"Rachelle the firmonkre can run after them while I try to injure/talk to Loray got it?" i say and turn around while my black armor materalises. It has black boots with knives in them and leggings with fabric that is easy to move around in and will burn anyone trying to harm me the long-sleeved shirt is the same. I change my Bloody Rose into Luccina and bout it into the black sheathe on my back and pull my hair into a pony tail all in three minutes.
"Come on" i say and run really fast towards the South Forest exit.


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