My Group Story Idea(Authors Chosen!!!!!)

I had a dream... of a group story!!! Please read and sign up!

Chapter 1

The Idea

Okay, so this idea was a literal dream. Okay, so in the future, children aren’t thought to be adults until they have their test. One of their parents is taken during the night sometime between their tenth and twentieth birthdays, regardless of size, age, or anything else. But a group of seven want to change that, because they think it is unfair, because here’s the hitch: if they don’t find their parents within a year, they are killed.
Also, about a century back, they found that children can develop powers when they begin the search. This can be anything from simple things like enhanced senses to x-ray vision and telepathy.
1: You must fill out a character slip and have it to me no later than April 15, because that’s around my Spring Break, and so I can write the first chapter over the break once authors are determined.
2: Once authors are determined, all authors have to friend me. This is not for any reason other than I can’t send you an author request unless you are my friend.
3: Once I send you the author assignment, you have one week to turn in your work or I will skip you. This is for two reasons. One is that I want to get chapters up fairly quickly, and two is I am very impatient. There is no exception to this rule unless you talk to me ahead of time.
4: No derogatory or negative words allowed, as well as curse words. I will accept minor stuff like hell and shut up, any other words must be cleared by me. This is nonnegotiable!!!!

My Character:
Name: Druzilla Farrier
Nickname: Zilla, Zill(under no circumstances Zillie)
Age: 15
Looks: Long dark black hair, it looks almost purple, beautiful blue eyes, and tanned skin.
Best Friend: The first person who gives me a character!
Crush: First guy
Weight: 128 lbs
Height: 5’ 7”
Family: Georgiah and Sharim Farrier, no siblings.
Outfit: Black hooded jacket over a green t-shirt, black knee length skirt, black leggings, black converse shoes
Power: Telekinesis(can move things with her mind)
Things in backpack: The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnette, three changes of clothes, a photo of her parents, and a stuffed cat.
Strengths: Great with a dagger, and can be as quiet as a lion about to ponuce.
Weaknesses: Rather clumsy sometimes, especially when she’s nervous, hates vultures(I know it seems obscure, but hang with me).
Weapon: Dagger or sword, she’s not picky
Extra: She has a pet cat named Dilys.

The Character Form:
As everyone knows, the key to signing up for a group story is to fill out the Character form. Please use the form below, as well as anything else you think I should know.

Age: (10-20)
Best Friend:
Things in backpack:

Thank you so much to anyone who signs up, even if I do not choose you. You all make me happy!
Heart, Leia, your author.

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