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In the school of OakScar academy, there were monsters roaming about. It was a school of monsters! Not a single human could make it through without being killed. It was a typical school, with the 'cliques'. The popular girls were terrible as usual? Nothing odd about that. They had many type of each creature, from vampires, to fairies, to wear wolves, etc. the only lone breed was mine. I was the only siren in the entire academy, and I know it isn't good thing. Something was going to happen.

Chapter 1

Up to 5 main characters!

hey guys! This is going to be an epic story, I can feel it haha. Read the introduction and if you're interested, fill out the form below in the comments. Thank you!

Monster type:
Description of yourself:
Good or evil?:

~~~~~~~~~~~now here's mine. Be detailed!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Echo Kross
Age: 16
Monster type: Siren
Gender: Female
Description of yourself: my hair is simple shade of light brown, long and wavy. I have an average body structure, and I'm 5'5". I'm shy around new people, but I'm very outgoing towards my friends. My eyes are a shade of purple, with blue circling the pupil. As much as I am sweet, I can also be that powerful. My powers are strong, hard to Handel. Since I'm the only siren other than my mother and sister, it is very easy to lure people to me.
Family: little sister, mom.
Good or evil?: neutral between good and evil. If we feel like doing a good deed, we will. Same goes if we feel like doing a bad deed.
Origin: we come from a small town in Michigan, where we were the only people there who weren't human. I always had to wear contacts, and i could never sing. I could rarely talk. I never had any friends. One day my little sister was singing to her friend, and her friend went into a tranz and wouldn't wake for a week. Nobody is sure as to why. That is when we were found out, and we had to leave as soon as possible.
Other: Lilly was 3 when that accident occurred, she is four as of now. Sirens are the most stunning creatures, next to vampires and fairies, but sirens are the strongest.


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