Fandom Mix-Up Group Story Sign-Ups

Fandom Mix-Up Group Story Sign-Ups

Chapter 1

The Weaving of the Charcters

Alright, so the basic story structure is that a bunch of Fairytale, anime, tv show characters ect. have been pulled from the universes they live in and deposited into this one.
The starting point of the story will be on London, planet earth, but we can branch off from there to go on adventures (you can leave the planet, stay on it, whatever).
They are trying to find a doorway and the key back to their universes. Each of the Authors will create a new adventure to go on after the basic meeting and greeting of all the characters.
I need 11 other people to join, but it won't be first come first serve. Whomever I think has a good character structure, I'll take. Oh, and please choose a character from a certain fairytail, video game, tv show, book etc. However, you can change the person's appearance, age, gender and expand upon their personality and back story as much as you want. Here's my character.

Character: Alice from Alice The Madness Returns (Video game about Alice in Wonderland)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personality: Determined, passionate, violent and a bit funny in the head (if you know what I mean) hates people, is a bit of a loner, secretly wants to be loved and accepted, afraid of failure and rejection.
Appearance: Has long dark brown hair that reaches a bit past her shoulders. Heavily lidded bright green eyes surrounded by thick dark lashes. Her face is heart shaped and she has deathly pale skin. She is tall and thin, about 5'6, and her limbs are long. She has burns on the small of her back and up one leg.
Attire: Steamdress (follow the link below to see a picture)

Weapon: Teapot cannon, final upgrade
Best Friend(s): Cheshire cat & Unsure
Love Interest: Unsure
Back story: Shortly after Alice's second visit to Wonderland in Through the Looking Glass, her parents were killed in a fire at age seven. Suffering from a strong case of survivor's guilt, she began to loose her grasp on reality and was sent to a mental hospital. While in the ward, Alice traveled to Wonderland, yet it was changed, twisted and deadly due to the wicked Queen of Hearts and Alice's own madness. To defeat this, she killed the Queen of Hearts, and it again became ideal and she was moved to an orphanage. However, Alice returned once again to Wonderland at age nineteen because an infernal force called the doll maker (not her own madness) that had caused Wonderland to become wrecked again.
Other: Halfway through the game\story, she is removed from her universe and placed in 21st century London, along with the Cheshire cat as her companion.

Alright, so enjoy yourselves! And remember: make it interesting and fun. You can message me the details or comment them below. However, if you choose to message me, please comment that you're going to and give me fair warning. We won't spend too long on the introduction, and different groups of characters will be randomly assigned to each other to create different stories for our readers to follow. Good Luck!


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