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Chapter 1


Hello Quibblonians.
I remember, there was this one great person who used to conduct these series of great interviews about one's story or writing style. I don't know if he/she is continuing this, but this seems like something very interesting I'd like to try.
There surely are some awesome stories out there with very talented authors, and through a series of questions, we can learn from them.
So, here are the rules!
UPDATE: Now accepting poetry! Poems must be at least ten verses long. It does not matter what type of poem it is.

1. Usually, I will ask you if you are willing to answer some questions about your story and writing skills. However, if you would like me to take a look at your story and I haven't asked you, I would be glad to do so and will decide whether I will include it or not.

2. Only original stories will be interviewed. Anything with an original plot line or conflict will do. Fanfictions or spin-offs will not be accepted, such as Harry Potter fanfics, Percy Jackson fanfics, Hunger Games fanfics, etc. In the case of a group story, I will only interview one person and collect only that person's thoughts.

3. During the interview, I will ask about five to eight questions. We will talk through messages, and I will ask one question per message. You will answer it. I will ask another question, and so on.
Use clear and understandable language. Slang would be frowned upon. Please, please, try to spell correctly. However, if necessary, I will spell-correct your responses.

4. Please give thoughtful responses to the question. I expect answers to be at least three sentences long. If you are faced with a "yes" or "no" question, do not simply write yes or no. Feel free to dive into the story and it's background or anything you would like to share.

5. When the interview is complete, I will post the questions and answers on this page in the next chapters. You cannot be interviewed more than once. Please don't ask to do that.

Thank you for taking part in or reading this! I appreciate it, and let's start interviewing!

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