Quibblo's Guess who game !

You send me a little about yourself, and people will try to guess which quibblonian are you!

Chapter 2

Which Quibblonians are these? xD

by: angel52
#1 [SOLVED:WilS]
Christian rap fan, transformers fan, I'm weird, I like Star Wars, I like tacos

#2 [SOLVED:Couldntstayaway]
I am weird, like the Reds, am a One Direction Fan, and love the Harry Potter series.

#3 [SOLVED:Princessmimi]
i am a HUGE britney spears fan, love zayn malik, divergent and the 90s!

#4 [SOLVED:SugarKart]
Though Angelic & sweet, wanders in the Dark side!

#5 [SOLVED:lilypotter101]
Whovian. Potterhead. Sherlockian. WHOVIAN WHOVIAN WHOVIAN WHOVIAN

#6 [SOLVED:purplerain1234]
Satanic, Finnish, obsessed with Slenderman and a water elementor.

I love One Direction, The Hunger Games, O2L, and Pretty Little Liars :)

I love Hetalia and Heroes of Olympus. I am creative, but can't write good for some reason.

#9 [SOLVED:Astarte42]
Gothic, fangirl for basically all geek fandoms, animal lover, I am weird, love to write and read, Wiccan, Music geek, Otaku, herb expert, gravestones ;)

#10 [SOLVED:Natasitsa]
I am obsessed with Lady Gaga, I love the color blue and my favorite hobby is writing. I don't live in US like most of you but somewhere in Europe... :)

Most of you live in America, but I've never even been. I haven't been on quibblo for a full year yet, but I've already taken over 400 quizzes. I like lots of different animations from Japan and America and I like music, country and rock mostly. I'm waiting for a certain animated movie to come out, and I can't wait for the final book of a certain myth-based series. Who am I?

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