Experiment UW {Original}

200 years after our time, scientists rule. Curiosity controls them, and enthralls the citizens who are eager for something new. The White Coats finally perfecting the specimen that walked the night. Vampires.

All my stories are still in rough draft processing, they will be edited later.

If you're curious, here is the link to the collection of characters on Polyvore which include appearance, and outfits. http://www.polyvore.com/experiment_uw_original_characters/collection?id=351974

Chapter 1

Chapter 1- Creation

by: 9Brielle6
The thought I still had to process, how could we be so bored with our lives that this is what our last resort was. Monsters are monsters for a reason, they're suppose to stay in the stories. Not be real.

I sat on my crusty unkempt couch and watched the television flicker from static to news. It was the only light on in the house, and I didn't want to turn it off. My heart beat too fast and my breathing was too heavy, I was scared. I didn't want to believe it.

"The beginning of the end if you ask me," someone scoffed behind me.

"Theo, it's not funny," I twisted around and stare at his unusually large brown eyes.

"It's not everyday you get to be deciphered into food or prey," He said, his tone growing grim. Both his hands gripped the faded green couch as he stared at the screen that was showing us our worst nightmare. I reluctantly turned back to the television too, hoping something had changed, that this was a dream.

"Forever is a long time, T," I sighed, and watched the first ever vampire be created.

His eyes were shockingly blue, his tousled hair blond. He looked friendly, he spoke softly. His name was Emory. His eyes told us he was terrified, but his body moved as if he was excited or maybe it was his nerves. They poked and prodded him with needles, making him wince. The machines roared to life, and through the tubes his blood was removed.

They quickly sat him down before he could fall, his eyes grew droopy and his head swung to his chest. The White Coats ran to him and injected him straight into the throat with a yellow liquid. His body began to shake, the needles falling out of his skin. His mouth foamed and then he stopped. He propped himself up and looked into the camera. No longer looking friendly, no longer human.

"Now now, the transition is not complete," A man off in the distance interjected. His slow echoing footsteps could be heard and now he was in view. His wrist bloody, and his eyes maniac.

"Drink," He whispered. So the unfinished vampire did, he ripped through him. Not feeding from just the wrist, but tearing the man to shreds. Not just the one man, but three.

"It is complete," a voice said behind the camera, and then what could be seen on the television was just static.

I knew by the end of the night only a few vampires would be made, but I also knew for every vampire made, they would suck at least 3 humans dry.

"Evelyn, you okay?" Theo asked, still behind me. His hand rested on my shoulder.

"Yeah, I'm fine," I whispered, knowing I was not okay. I just watched three innocent people get murdered. For the sake of what? Science? This wasn't science this was madness.

"Get some sleep, you never know when you're next," He murmured and slipped his hand away from my shoulder. I sat up for a long time thinking about what Theo said, he was right. This whole process was random selection if you passed you became a vampire whether you liked it or not. If you failed, well, you might just be a night time snack. My eyes grew heavy and before I could think another thought I was asleep.

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