A Thousand Years' Uncertainty

Chapter 1


by: _Haunted_
The frigid northern gale howls across the endless ice fields... Here, time itself is an unknown entity... There is only the tundra, the mountains, the echoing roar of the creatures that prowl their jagged peaks...
He jumps as a small, pale hand grips his shoulder, fumbling and dropping his feather pen and journal.
"Really, Ala?" he whines, brushing soft brown hair away from his face. "How long have you been standing there? W-were you reading it again?"
The girl standing above him is no more than a child -- barely past his age -- but tall and strong, already bearing the scars of numerous skirmishes. Deep red hair falls like a curtain around her face, and emerald eyes, like faintly glowing orbs, are bright against the paleness of her skin. She laughs and presses her knuckles to the top of his head, then draws back a moment later.
"Come on, Fhadranh, you think I'm all silent and stealthy like one of those snow lions? 'Course I was reading it. You're just all spacey."
He sighs and closes the journal, stuffing it under the sofa. Pale yellow eyes shine in the darkness, turned to gold by the flickering lamplight.
"You're kind of annoying. You know that, right?"
Alastor kneels down next to him, quickly jabbing him in the side, and he swats her hand away. "Yeah, Horu tells me that all the time. But just like him, you don't mean it."
He lifts an eyebrow, staring at her for a long while, then slips his pen into his pocket and smiles just faintly. "You're also weird. But... well... I-I guess I don't mean it."
At this, she ruffles his hair before standing, a spark of mischief lighting her gaze. "Hey, you wanna do something fun?"
Wonderful, he complains silently. "What, like putting rubber spiders in Horuvhaarlan's bed again?"
She laughs louder this time, sprawling out on his lap. "You don't have prove that I did it."
Fhadranh crosses his arms, feeling his cheeks grow hot as he stares down at her. "I know, Ala." His voice wavers slightly. "I guess there's never real proof of things like that."


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