Quibblo Compliments!

Chapter 2

First Round

Username: A_Small_Drop
Compliment: You are absolutely gorgeous and wonderful! You have a talent for speaking your mind and you are never afraid to do the right thing. You (and even your stories) have so much personality and beauty.

Username: Linde
Compliment: You are one of the best writers I know on this site. Keep doing what you do best!

Username: Layla_District4
Compliment: You are the Queen of Sweetness and have a great future ahead of you. Learn to accept those compliments because they are true!

Username: silentcourage
Compliment: You are so caring to everyone around you (not to mention totally beautiful too!)! Never stop being you and don't let anyone try to hurt you!

Username: Cool2twin
Compliment: You are such a cool guy and always seem to have the best ideas. I wish we talked more.

Username: CVDB
Compliment: Hey I don't know you I Just read your profile and what you wrote on people quiz and stuff (That sounds stalkerish. BTW Im not a stalker) But you sound like a really nice person so keep on being nice and being yourself

Username: Hope32:
Compliment: You are so awesome! You're a great friend, on/off Quibblo. You're so funny and laughy and random, caring and loving, and you're the best friend someone could have. You and Sades both. Stay awesome!!! :D :D

Username: Tabbyshecat
Compliment: You are such an amazing friend, in the neighborhood and on Quibblo! You are super awesome!

Username: RebelHeart
Compliment: You've been a great friend to me on Quibblo for awhile now and I appreciate that. You make me laugh and you're just as obsessed with books as I am. Plus you understand the absolute horror of having your favorite character die! Especially while in the middle of class and you are trying to hide the pain. You are a great writer, Hidden Tn The Open is great! And you are just over all a nice person to talk to.. xP

Username: ArtemisRocks1400 ^-^
Compliment: Hi there Christina! I'm afraid if I say too much, you'll figure out who I am. So in a nutshell, you are a crazy weirdo but you're still pretty awesome and amazing and fantabulous and I love you. ♥

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