Quibblo Compliments!

Chapter 21

Round 20

Username: JaelinK
Compliment: You're an awesome and amazing friend! You ALWAYS cheer me up, like, it's crazy! I always feel happy whenever I read your messages! Please stay yourself don't ever change! You're kind to all. So kind! You're inspirational in every way. Love you!

Signed, Anonymous...

Username: evybye77
Compliment: Dude! You're awesome! Seriously. You're supportive and kind. You're hilarious and just an all-around good friend!! You're a great sister to that little Evelyn clone of yours :P lol
Thanks for being my friend! ;)

Username: MrsHarrison1965
Compliment: Who could ever not like you?! You're incredible, sooooo funny, crazy, and random! Haha so, I admire your Beatlemania-ness (for lack of a better word....). Some people on this sight message me stuff that gets me down, but even if you have anything sad or mean to say (which is, like, never, since our convos are always just about random stupid stuff haha), you say it so kindly it's amazing! Stay you, hon!

Username: Natasitsa
Compliment: Γειά σου φίλε μου, it's Ephemeral_Eternity~ I think that you are a very good listener - (make that reader, since we don't speak to each other aloud. xD) and you are understanding, compassionate, easy to talk to; and you seem like a genuinely hard-working and observant person. Shyness can have a down side, but that's not always the case - I mean, I think being kind of anxious is normal, cute even. ^.^ Keep on improving and expanding your outlook and behaviour; and always try to be yourself, no matter what happens. Not that I think you're pretending...but I think you know what I mean. :D

Username: JaelinK
Compliment: Your given name is really cool, I think the meaning of it really suits you. I wish my name were more unique. (It's Jess - A.K.A: Muzzle, by the way...I'm putting in zero effort to conceal my online identity, as you can see. Cx) Anyway, I think that you are very beautiful and pretty - inside and out...and that is something hard to achieve, in my opinion. Most people are just one or the other; but I think that we both know - that inner beauty is more important. Of course, you should take care and have pride in your physical appearance too...however, I think you understand where I'm getting at. You're good to talk to, you stick to your morals and beliefs - without forcing it upon others and you always have a good word for everyone. :)

Username: Qu1ster
Compliment: Hi Selena, it's Jess! (Muzzle) It actually took me a while, to remember what your real name is...to be honest. You've been a Quibblo chum of mine, for quite a long time - I didn't realise just how long, until I was bored one day - and saw profile comments from you, dating back to about 3 years ago. O.o It's good that you've been sticking around for a while. You are friendly, good to chat to and I always enjoy tasking your content - questions and quizzes. They're almost always engaging, which is great - because I don't really get into mainstream pop culture...(Harry Potter, T.F.I.O.S, The Hobbit et cetera) so, it's good to see that you can cater to people with more neutral or indie tastes, such as myself. :D

Username: silkrachgarden
Compliment: Hey there, it's Muzzle. I still think it's really cool, how you come from The Bahamas - I've never heard anyone come from that nation. O.o You look older than your age, in a good way - pretty. So, I was quite surprised to find out how old you really were, going by your profile picture. XD I think that I look younger than you, haha. Anyway, thanks for taking and commenting on my quizzes and other works, on Quibblo - it means a lot to me, to have consistent contributors. You're cool to talk to and you are an amicable, genuine person. :)

Username: bookgeek10
Compliment: You're a great friend, and you have nice taste in music and your taste in TV shows is AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

You are an awesome person to talk to and you always make me feel better! your easily one of the nicest people i know!

Compliment: You're amazing and strong and brave. And that you surprise me everyday with how great you are.

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