Quibblo Compliments!

Chapter 3

Round Two

Username: kmbirdie
Compliment: you're one of the most nice and genuine people I have ever met. Like, literally, you're so caring and supportive.

Username: fredanddracoaremyconsorts
Compliment: you have an absolute amazing talent in writing rants, you're beautiful and you're an inspiration to, I'm sure, many people

Compliment: you are really nice and caring and a really great friend

Username: EstherRoxie
Compliment: Hey Esther,you are a great girl, really a nice person, but I wanted to find a way to tell you your faults. I couldn't tell you face2face because i thought that might hurt you. So I want to say that you're a lucky girl, you've got friends, life, education, freedom, beauty and all senses. People simply love you! You are really popular on quibblo. Then why do you mostly upload mourning posts???!!!!!! If some people hate you or call you bad, then what???? Dont you know to how to handle these things? You're a grown up girl. Uploading stories like you are in miserable state is bad! It seems that you are gathering attention, which you already have, and this also makes your haters happy that you are easily irritated. Dont ever call yourself ugly, dont ever think that you are a poor girl, or in miserable bad states, coz you are NOT! Lastly, i dont like it when you kinda upload disgusting stuff, it ruins image in my opinion. Well there is much more, but i guess, this if enough for now.

Username: Faer
Compliment: You are honestly one of the kindest, funniest, smartest people I've ever met! Messaging you is always a treat. You're an amazingly loyal friend and totally crazy!! :D Th_nk Y_o (don't want to say it) for being so awesome ^^

Username: QuoteGal
Compliment: Lila you are so amazing, in ways you don't even know. You are always so kind and supportive to everybody. You say that you are just you, like its no big deal. Well it is a big deal, because you are amazing. Don't ever let anybody get you down.

Username: LessCrim
Compliment: I'm very happy to be the first of your many admirers to say something about you. Thank you for being so humorous, clever and cheesy, all at the same time. I hope you'll be able to smoothly ride over all the bumps you encounter with your friendships and personal life, and that you can keep being the silver lining to everyone's clouds. ^-^

Username: Qu1ster
Compliment: It's been wonderful talking to you and getting to become your online friend. You should make more tournaments here; it was an awesome, original idea.

Username: CharmingPotion
Compliment:Your quizzes are awesomely made; every time I see something you created in my inbox, I cannot delete it -- I have to go check it out, it's that promising.

Username: frankin_celery
Compliment: Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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