At A Glance (Read Intro)

You know when you are a writer when you can see something–a word, a gesture, even an expression–and immediately something pops into your head and you're like, "Hey, that'd make a cool story"

Here is a collection of such moments (and I mean it when I say "moments"). I'll add more when they happen.

Chapter 1

Jesse and Rachael

The young woman's eyes frantically searched the crowd. "Jesse!" She called. After everything–losing her job, dropping her bus fair down the storm drain, her mother's recent death, and the gum on her new shoes–all Rachael needed was to see him.

She had caught a glimpse of him a moment before, turning away to look in a store front. The street performers dancing around the open floor of City Creek Center obscured Rachael's vision. Where could he be?


There he was. He turned toward her. "Rachael!" The look in his eyes–his deep brown eyes–was frantic. He began pushing his way through the crowd toward her.

The street performers protested loudly.

Rachael began fighting her way toward Jesse, causing even more commotion among the performers.

He was almost in arms reach...Rachael stretched her arms forward...

And then a shot rung out.

Jesse froze. He stared at Rachael, a look of terror on his perfect face. His shirt was spattered with blood. They had found him. And they had punished him.

By taking away Rachael.

He caught her in his arms as she fell forward, life flowing from her body. It took mere seconds.

"I'm sorry," were the last words Rachael would ever hear.

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