When the World Ends (Group Story)

When the world in overrun with disease caused by curiosity, Annie, Darrin, C.J, Macy, Poppy and Louis have to band together to survive both the living and the dead.
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Chapter 2

A New Addition - Poppy Novak

by: 9Brielle6
I tossed and turned throughout the night, hearing cracking of sticks and the wind brushing against the tent. After what I had just witnessed, it was enough to drive anyone crazy. My little sister, gone. My Mother, gone. Who the hell knows where my father and brothers were.

Sighing, I tried to sleep. With no luck, I grabbed the machine gun I took from the house and opened up the tent door.

"Can't sleep?" Annie asked, she was obviously startled. Jumping to stand from the log she had been sitting on.

"Not until I know we're safe," I shake my head, and take a step closer to her. She hesitates, but stays in her spot.

"I can take watch, if you want," I know I didn't want to, dangerous situations weren't my forte, but maybe The Sick wouldn't come out this far.

"Honestly, there's no use sun's almost rising anyway," She nods toward the golden circle that peaks through the trees.

"Never thought I'd see the sun again," I laugh, it was suppose to be a joke. I don't think she got it, or wanted to laugh.

"Help me pack up the tent," She says, taking each piece out one by one.

It took us about ten minutes to do so, me mostly just fumbling with the pieces while Annie gave me glares and rolled her eyes. The thought settled into my head, I'm not going to make it, I'm not adept for this kind of thing. I sighed and watched Annie march deeper into the forest, me close behind.

We had walked for a while, not saying much. I was bursting at the seems with things to talk about, but I wasn't sure how Annie would fare with how much I talked so, reluctantly I kept my mouth shut.

A crack to the left, a moan to the right, shuffling.

"Annie," I whispered, and felt the panic arise in my stomach. She hushed me and took out her pistol. Following her lead, I snatched my gun from my back and pointed it in no particular direction.

"Really? Don't point that at me!" Annie hissed, and shoved the barrel of the gun away from her side.

"I'm so sorry! I... I didn-"

"Shut up," She murmured and crouched.

"Annie," I whisper in fear, watching one of The Sick come up behind her. I panic, not knowing what to do, and smash the barrel of my gun through it's skull. It moans, and drops to the ground. She stands and twists to look behind her.

"Come on, let's go," She grabs my arm and pulls me. I don't refuse and we slowly jog away. from the corner of my eye I see another walk out into the clearing. It doesn't notice us, just walks over to the motionless one and then I look away, not wanting to know what happens next.

"Thanks," She murmurs, a while after walking.

"I'm sorry, I panicked," I say, talking quickly.

"I just said thank you, you don't have to apologize," She almost laughed, but her face fell and she was serious again.

"Sorry," I murmur again. This time she laughs and shakes her head.

Another shuffle, cracking of twigs, and... coughing.

"Seriously, I thought the forest would be clear," Annie sighs, and readies her pistol.

A boy wearing a windbreaker stumbles in front of us, coughing and falling to the ground.

"Are you sick?" Annie asks, aiming the gun at his head.

"No, no," He coughs, this time more savagely.

"You sound it," I say, wide eyes stepping closer. Annie puts her hand out in front of me and shakes her head.

"Please don't shoot, I'm not sick," He slowly stands, both hands in the air as if he's surrendering. The glasses he wears are crooked from falling.

"I believe him, he can join us, we need all the backup we can get," I say, Annie gives me a look and lowers her gun.

"Fine," Annie says, and stomps past him.

I walk slowly next to him, making sure to keep a safe distance.

"What's your name?" I ask politely, and wait for a response.

"Louis Newman,"

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