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Please read all of this. Im choosing characters in one week.

Chapter 1

Read ALL of this

by: cjcj
The idea is simple. 6 Teenagers living right outside of Genova City are affected when a explosion at a science labratory where they are all interns. They soon develop abilities. So a classic superhero story. They learn to deal with these abilities, then to use them for good.

1) I want a variety of characters. Picture your typical school social groups, i want people from all different ones.
2) NO perfect characters. If they seem it on the outside, make them have problems outside. If there a nerd or a geek, make them special inside. And a variety of races and physical attributes
3) You can have any ability you want besides mine. Make it similar to your characters personality. And the more powerful it is, make it harder to control or deal with. And you CAN have two small abilities if you like. And every character has enhanced strength and scenes, but if you want to have more of those you can.
4) No orphans or badas@'s. They all need some sort of family and home.
5) There are other people in the story, so they can be friends, in a relationship with, or have crushes on other people. And just because your character likes someone else's, doesn't mean there's has to be the same.

Here's mine:
Name: Adam Jamison
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Looks: Tall, red hair, light skin with freckles. Not skinny, but doesn't have much muscle or fat. Light brown eyes. Normally wearing jeans, boots, simple t shirt, thin black leather jacket, and a pair of sunglasses.
Personality: Hes's smart, but more strategically and logically then academically. He's socially awkward, especially when it comes to relationships. But hes not shy at all and is very open. He's a natural leader, but questions himself constantly. Isn't afraid to stick up for whats right. But he can get rather depressed, and gets very serious and closes up when he thinks about his life too much. He's never afraid to do what needs to be done.
Background: His father is dying of a brain tumor, and his brother committed suicide a year before. He has had to take on a lot of responsibility with his family. He doesn't do any sports, but is the president of his class and belongs to many clubs. He works as the scientist's assistant, doing more physical labor then mental.
Ability: Telekinesis. Can move objects and himself with his mind. Hard to use at first, but gets stronger over time. When his emotions get too high, he looses control.
Love intrest: a smart and cute girl. Probobly another character.

Heres yours:
Gender: (Im going to pick 2 guys and 3 girls)
Age: (14-18)
Looks: (Variety! More info the better)
Personality: (Remember, not perfect)
Ability: (If you want some ideas look at chapter 2)
Love interest: (no need to have one, all Se@ual orientations accepted as well)

1) Id like to have a male jock, female prep, Tech nerd, shy person, and a bit of a rebel. Also a slightly annoying character.
2) Id love my characters love interest to be another, female. assistant for the scientists, the mental side though.
3) A rich character. Idk which one.

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