In a world where everything is predetermined, a rebel group known as The Vitality will make it their sole purpose to expose the secrets of the Council to the citizens of Innis. However, how can you rebel when your memory has been erased?

Repression will provoke rebellion.
- Hugh Williamson

Chapter 3

Locked Away

by: 9Brielle6
Christopher Bennett

I reached up to touch the side of my throbbing head, eyes still squeezed shut. It's damp, so I force my aching eyes to open and see blood slowly spilling over my finger tips. I touch it again, just to make sure I wasn't seeing things.

I scan my surroundings, and a small amount of anger rises within. I'm behind bars. I move quickly, fingers wrapping around the cool steel that locks me away.

"Hey!" I shout, shaking the bars, knowing it's no use.

"Shut up," A man grumbles like he's just awoken, a gun, heavy with ammo, set over his lap. The butt of it bloody. My hand itches to touch my head once more, but I ignore it and instead begin to demand answers.

"No, where the hell am I? Huh!" I hadn't done anything. I remember breaking curfew, and having a few drinks but nothing that could put me behind bars.

"You're at the Council jail, you'll be free to go back home soon," The man says, and slowly stands.

"Why am I here?" I snap.

"You broke curfew, were drunk, and... your father thought it would teach you a lesson," The guard stared down at me, his chins multiplying into one large one.

"Of course, that bastard," I pace to the back of the cell and slam my back against it, slowly sliding down to sit.

"Hostile," A giggle erupts from my right. Slowly I turn my head to see a girl playing with the rips in her too big denim jeans.

"Who are you?" My eyes squint as I stare at her.

"Well I crashed your party yesterday night, who knew starting a harmless fire would end me up in this," She giggles, and talks as though she's talking to herself. Her pale blue eyes flick toward me, and for a moment she seems familiar.

"Whatever," I dismiss her nonsense babbling and wait until I'm released.


Sienna Addison

The boy in the cell was angry, anyone could see that, but there were a lot more emotions than just that.

"You're afraid," I crawl over, eyes wide. He glances to me, and scoffs. Letting his head rest against the brick cell wall.

"Who of?" I say quickly, I don't want to speak too much.

"It's none of your business," He replies, shaking his head.

Maybe it's the jail guards, no that wouldn't make sense. He's getting released soon enough.

"It's someone who's coming to get you!" I yell, earning a shush from the lazy guard who is now resting once again on the floor.

His head snaps toward me, green eyes as wide as they could possible go.

"Your father?" I ask, my eyebrows furrowed. He moves like he's uncomfortable, which gives me my answer.

"At least he doesn't ignore you," I whisper, and press my bony back against the bars separating us.

"What's your name?" He asks, sympathy edging his voice.

"Sienna, though sometimes I-"

"I just wanted your name," He sighs, his voice rough and no longer sympathetic.

"Well that's not fair, what's yours?" I turn around and look at him.



Christopher Bennett

"Christopher, Christopher. Father is not pleased," Jason strolls in, smirking at me.

"Fine by me," I grumble and stand, wiping my hands on my jeans.

"I'll pay the bail," Jason says to the guard.

"Hers too," I nod towards Sienna, who is now humming quietly to herself.

"No," Jason shakes his head, astonished.


"Oh no, it's okay you really don't have to," She smiles to Jason. A rather charming smile, for her strange personality.

"Fine, both of them,"

The guard reaches to unlock the gate, reluctance in every muscle. The girl stands, towering over the guard. For a moment he places a hand over his gun, but then shakes his head and opens the cell door.

"Father said I could," I mumble, remembering clearly what he said the night before.

"I don't remember him saying anything like that, Chris," Jason shook his head and strolled out in front of me.

Sienna twisted her blonde hair and followed distantly behind. Her eyes scanning her surroundings as she walked.


Sienna Addison

My eyes wandered the extensive halls of the Jail, falling far behind Christopher. I glanced back at the bloody end of the guards gun, and then back to Christopher, who's head was glistening red.

My pace quickens, and when I reach him I extend a hand to his wound. He pushes me away, and comments on my weird behavior.

"You're rude," I say, my voice reaching an unusually high pitch.

"Normal people don't touch others without their consent," He argues, his eyes rolling.

"Jason, thanks for bailing me out" I smile to Jason, "Christopher," I bid my farewells, and walk several paces in front of them.

If it hadn't been for them, who knows how long I'd be in that cell. I didn't want to go back home though, it was nice to not be ignored for once.

But, all great things have to come to an end.

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