In a world where everything is predetermined, a rebel group known as The Vitality will make it their sole purpose to expose the secrets of the Council to the citizens of Innis. However, how can you rebel when your memory has been erased?

Repression will provoke rebellion.
- Hugh Williamson

Chapter 4

Wide Awake

*Rayleigh O'Brien *

"What the heck," I whispered as my eyes fluttered opened. I was behind bars, how he hell did this happen?

The light was bothering my almost swollen eyes, and I had this killer headache that every little move made it seem like I was going to die.

I looked around to see a boy in the next cell, still passed out, Hunter Lloyd. I knew him, but only because I've seen him in my father's company. He sometimes helps his father out working as a janitor.

Slowly I sat up, my head throbbing from whatever happened last night. My white shirt had all kinds of marks on it, different colors. My brand new skinny black were ripped, my mother is so going to kill me.

"Rayleigh! Do you have any idea how your mother and I felt last night when you didn't come home! And then to find out that you were out with friends getting drunk, what the hell got into you?" my fuming father yelled coming towards my cell with a guard, making my headache even worse. I started to rub my temples, which made my dad angrier, making him go on. "Oh great, you have a hung over, well, you deserve it, you know that right!"

"Dad, please. I don't feel good," I whispered at him, not wanting to argue with anybody at this moment.

Before he could reply Hunter woke up letting out a groan with some foul language mixed with it. My father eyes doubled in sizes when he saw who it was, he knew who it was.

"I should have known," he cursed looking straight at him, everybody knew how he felt about Hunter, considering he did a background check on him.

Hunter looked up and saw me, a look of surprise crossed his face. His expression quickly changed as soon as he saw my fuming father, he knew for some reason he was the one to blame.

"Uh...hi," Hunter said looking a bit uncomfortable from us starring at him. His deep voice a bit groggy from just waking up. "Do I have something on my face?"

"Actually, you have a bit of drool on you left side of you lower lip," I mumbled, but he heard. He chuckled a bit as he cleaned it off.

"I should have known you would have been the one to corrupt my daughter, I should have known," my dad exploded out of nowhere against Hunter.

"Woah, dad calm down. Hunter and I barely even talk, and I'm sure I had just as much say in what happened last night as he did."

"What exactly happened last night?" my father eyes soften in fear for some unknown reason as he as asked me the question.

"Uh...well, to tell you the truth...I don't remember," I admitted shamefully.

Hunter's POV

I watched as she tried to explain to her father what had happened, but she just couldn't. I couldn't remember either, for some odd reason.

Her red hair was a mess, and the only thing that was sane about her was her jacket. Go figure, she always takes care of her sweaters and jackets.

"Yeah, neither can I," I spoke when tension seemed to be building between her and her father.

"Yeah, but that is nothing new to you, now is it? I just hope you didn't touch her in anyway inappropriate," he spat at me.

"Are you accusing me of something?" I asked standing up, but a shot of pain radiated through my left leg. I looked down to see some blood on my pants. I probably tried to run away from the police and they tackled me, wouldn't be the first time that had happened.

"Maybe I am, either way, I want you to stay away from my daughter, do you hear me?" as he spoke Rayleigh face got redder and redder by the moment. I knew she was such a good girl, and I know I would be the one to blame. I'm always the one to blame.

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