To Be Different [Poem]

For Quibblo's contest, #40.

Don't hate me if it's bad, my poetic side and I don't always get along. x]

Chapter 1

To Be Different

by: 9Brielle6
What inspired this poem?: Well originally I had wrote it for my English class, it was suppose to be in Shakespeare's Sonnet, but I added a few lines and reviewed it. I guess the initial inspiration behind this came from my frustration with society and how it portrays, in a sense, that for you to get the guy or girl. Or be successful at all you need to be perfect, you need to be a size 0 and have a defined stomach or no beauty marks, or just anything that makes people unique. We're so blinded by the social media, and the phones, we can't really connect with people, and it just frustrates me so much

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To Be Different

If you can not think for yourself why bother thinking at all?
Your minds are all contorted with opinions of others.
For once in your life speak your mind and stand up tall.
Don't listen to your brother, father, sister, or even your mother!

We sit in a room not talking to one another.
Our eyes peer down at the electronics we depend on.
We do not know what makes each other tick, laugh or cry, that's what we need to rediscover.
We are to distracted by our phones to realize the beauty of dawn

Those girls on the magazines, we strive for their perfection.
Those boys modeling those swimsuits, you know they're photoshopped right?
It's almost like it's a god damned infection!
We need to stop this idea of being perfect, we need to fight!

We laugh at others because they are different.
But we embrace those who are all the same.
Do not be ashamed to be different, it's quite brilliant.
Individuality is what we need to reclaim.

These are the few reasons why I believe society is corrupt.
I can only hope you don't think I'm being too abrupt.
Though there are many other reasons,
I fear it may take far too many seasons.


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