The Gifted

The Gifted

As a young girl, Bik Kwan has always felt that she wasn't like everyone else. She felt excluded and set apart and had the strange feeling that she was always being followed. She's always moved and never had any friends. When she moves to America, she meets someone that feels just like her, named Ian Dawson. They find out that they both have superhuman abilities and have to work together to stay alive.

Chapter 1

Bik Kwan and her Awakening

"Stay calm! Bik, just stay calm!" Her mother said. Bik felt like she couldn't breathe, like she was being suffocated. She saw nothing but black.

That flashback kept coming back to her ever since that day. As she looked out of the window of the plane. "Māmā, why America? We haven't been home with Nǎinai and Yéye for 3, no, 6 years straight....." Bik said, sighing. "It's because of your Bà. He's so stubborn and won't stay in one place without getting in trouble with the government." Her mother said.

They had just gotten on a plane from Norway to America. Her father had gotten banned from Oslo, Norway for 3 years for doing something stupid involving a Norwegian noble family. "Māmā, I want to see Nǎinai and Yéye soon..." Bik said. She clutched the locket around her neck.

She fell asleep. "Your abilities shall awaken soon, Young Qíshì." A distant voice said. She awoke with a start. "We'll be in North Dakota soon, Qíngrén." Her mother said, looking away from her. She just sighed in response.

Bik put on her headphones and listened to her favorite Chinese song. She hummed to it as she looked out of the window. It was dark and the stars were glowing bright, illuminating the sky like floating lanterns.

Suddenly, a faint scream echoed in the distance. Bik had realized that she closed her eyes. She took off her headphones and opened her eyes. The lights in the plane were dimmed and some of them were actually broken. The plane's engines were failing and they were getting ready for an emergency landing.

Bik suddenly felt a spark of power rush through her body. Her locket broke. "Bik! Sit down! This is no time for games!" Her mother screamed. "I know, Māmā. That's why I'm doing something about it." Bik said.

Her eyes glowed a bright white. She walked up the aisle swiftly. She turned and faced the crowd of scared people. "Fear is one's worst enemy." She said. All of a sudden, the plane felt balanced again and everyone began to calm down. "Bik, what did you do?" Her mother asked her. "Look out of the window and see for yourself...." She said, pointing to one of the windows.

What her mother saw shocked her and everyone on the plane, even the pilots. It was like a field of energy was surrounding the plane and supporting it. Bik just stood there and said, "One cannot let fear overcome them." The plane glided towards its destination. As it landed, Bik slowly felt herself falling asleep.....

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