Sugar-coating Reality (rant)

I don't care if you're mad, just don't sugar coat it like a naïve human being, I know you're/not.

Chapter 1


Sugar-coating Reality

Icing of the cake
The cherry on the top
Light at the end of a tunnel

To cause to seem more appealing or pleasant: a sentimental treatment that sugar-coats a harsh reality

Recently I was, let’s just say; in a pickle up the creek without a paddle in the dog house, just for expressing my f♥cking opinion and not sugar coating it. Want to know the scenario, I’ll take you back there.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014, around 11:30am
I’m at the shops, wearing my new Avenged Sevenfold shirt, walking down to the cold food area to get the milk for my dad. Walking back with the milk in my hand, I have to walk through the clothes area; which I absolutely hate because this place has no sense of style what so ever. There’s a girl about my age and she looks as though she’s trying to see if a hideous shirt that she won’t ever look at the least bit pleasant on anyone, would look nice on her. I just decide to keep walking because my opinion could get me in a spot of trouble.
“Hey, umm, I need some help, can you tell me if this would look nice on me?” I hear the girl speak. And I don’t object as I don’t want to be rude. Wrong f♥cking move!
“Well, in my opinion, that shirt is horrendous and it wouldn’t look good on anyone” before I know it, the words are pouring out of my mouth, while her shocked expression gets more ferocious by the second. Now she’s a little judgemental in what she says next.
“Well I can’t help it you dress in all black, wear eye-liner and mascara while having some stupid skull on your shirt that would never look good on anyone! Stupid emo b♥tch!” she says and then storms off.

So yes, I’m very very p♥ssed right now, because I muttered something that I don’t think I should post on here, and my father was right behind me. He told me to explain the situation, and he took her side. B♥stard.

Why the frick am I expected to sugar coat everything I do or say?

The whole f♥cking world sugar coats everything in movies, some TV shows, pop music (yes, I went there), and mostly every other thing I absolutely despise wasting the use of my senses on. Sending out materialistic, rich, perfect life, love stories, romance with no troubles, stupid f♥cking lives and sugar coating the harsh reality is the biggest amount of bullsh♥t I have heard of yet!

“A sugar coated lie sounds more convincing than the naked truth” – Angeline M. Bishop

Well, hate to break it to you sweetheart, but no! It really doesn’t. First lying is plain wrong and anyone who lies for some inconvenience needs to…never mind. But sugar coating a lie? What has this world come to? I don’t know about all you people, but I’d rather savour the sting of the naked truth. Because, hey, honesty is better than sugar coated bullsh♥t.

”Disney Channel is celebrities coated in sugar, everything is really happy, everything is really bright.” – Emily Osment”

That’s one of the many many reasons why I almost hate Disney Channel. They sugar coat everything. Every single show that I’ve watched makes all the celebrities’ lives seem so perfect. Little kids look up to the people in these shows, and what’s going to happen when they find out that they can’t wear a wig and be a super star, when they can’t build things of that extent in one summer, when they can’t just belt out a tune and everyone else knows the moves and lyrics? They will finally know that life isn’t sugar coated and when it hits you in the face, it almost kills you.

”You have to stop sugar coating words and give the real deal” – Unknown

Whoever this unknown person is, I want to thank them for pointing out a fact. I absolutely hate it when people don’t say what they’re thinking about me out right to my face. I’d rather know what you want to say then being left is misery because I could fear it’s something bad that I ‘can’t handle’.

”People say the Lord works in mysterious ways. As if that makes all the sh♥tty things in life any sweeter. Death is equally mysterious, but there’s no sugar-coating that turd.” – Georgia Lass

I’ll say; this is my favourite quote of all time because it’s saying what my brain just can’t put into words. You can’t make all the f♥cked up, sh♥tty things in life easier because that’s just the way life works, you can’t sugar-coat it because it wasn’t made for it, neither was death. Death is death, and I’m sorry if I offend anyone with this, but it’s a turd too. It’s something no one wants to come to them or to come to anyone they care about.

Life and death, and anything that appears in between isn’t something that can be altered. Sugar-coating the truth with a lie is just like faking an ID. It’s not realistic. It’s not reality.

So to like, finish this off, I’m giving you slight advice.

I am not a bakery, I don’t and won’t ever sugar coat anything. Don’t want the truth? Don’t ask! Want some sugar coated bullsh♥t? Go call Willy Wonka.
If you ask for my opinion, then that’s what you’ll get.

Just don’t be mad when it’s not what YOU want to hear.

P.S. If you didn’t like this rant, and thought that my opinion is stupid then you can state that in the comments, I’m not going to be offended of any sort, but I have back up paragraphs because I think my opinion needs to be heard or something like that. Bye.


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