A Hopelessly Romantic Guy's Thoughts

I miss writing, so let's see if I still got it..

Chapter 1


by: Seth__
"So there's this girl.."

The cliche almost every male on this planet has used at least once in his lifetime.. but once you find her, then it feels as if it's all you can really say. This girl.. she's perfect in every way. She's on your mind so much that once someone asks you about her, it becomes that Aladdin scene where it's like:

Aladdin: Well.. there's this girl. She's smart.. and fun.. and--
Genie: Pretty?
Aladdin: Beautiful! She's got these eyes that just-- and this hair-- wow, and her smile?!

Notice how he said those exact words: there's this girl. Once those words come out, a guy finds himself trying to describe the girl that is just too good for words. We've all been there. I sure have. Most of my friends call it cute. Especially the female ones. They say my eyes light up when I talk about her. My voice gets softer in tone.
Everyone asks me why I don't do anything about it. My answer's simple: I believe in fate. I'm as hopeless as a romantic can become, but I'm proud of it. Casually, I'm a go-with-the-flow kind of guy, but romantically, it's all fate. I trust that whatever's meant to be will be. I don't do anything because I believe everything will fall into place, and it's something I can't control.
Over the course of the short time I've been on this planet, I've been trying to hard to get the girl. I've gotten my heart ripped more times than it should have been. The reason? I fall to hard for a girl I think I love. The most unfortunate reality of this is that I never learn my lesson.
If anyone were to ask me to describe my perfect girl, I never really say. How could I describe my perfect girl if I never even met her yet? I'm not the kind of guy who wants a certain eye color or hair color or ethnicity. My only requirement is that when she's with me, she's her true self.
I've fallen for too many fakes. I'm tired of it. But one thing I learned from all of this is that as much as I'd love to agree with the saying, "Nice guys finish last," it isn't true.
As a child, usually if you do something good like chores or get an A on a really hard test, you get rewarded. Unfortunately, that doesn't apply to the real world. No matter how nice a guy is, that isn't going to make every girl on the planet madly in love with him.
A nice guy is basically a hopeless romantic. He plans out everything in his head whether it be a date or a birthday gift or something along those lines. But when all that work and effort is made for the wrong girl, he's bound to get hurt. I've made that mistake too much, so I know the feeling.
I'm always scared of screwing stuff up. I've come to the conclusion that I'm never going to be able to confess to a girl. I know that sounds selfish, I hate that about me. But I've always been that best friend who she always talks to about every guy she likes and dates. I'd want her to be happy with a guy she loves..
Even if it's not me.

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