Kingdom of Everekt [Original short story.]

This is going to be a short story, maybe 5-10 chapters. Unless I find it necessary to go beyond that.

If many people like it I may go beyond the set amount of chapters :]

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Thief

by: 9Brielle6
Everything started before this, before I stole, before I became a Princess, before I became a Queen. First, let's start with the bit before I became a Princess.

My face was filthy. I could feel the dirt seeping into the pores of my face, sweat marks undoubtedly streaked my face. My teeth feel grimy, and unkempt. If I ground them together I would certainly be grinding bits of sand with them. My stomach growled louder, and more fiercely than before. It had been a few days since my last real meal. I was no stranger to hunger though, it was almost as natural to me as stealing.

My hands dig into my raggedy pouch where I keep my stolen coins. The only reason I ever started to steal was to support the small village that supported me in return.

I would steal, and help pay their taxes and they would do their best to feed me. Most people would say it wouldn't be a fair trade but the people of this village gave me much more than just food. They gave me hope, happiness, and a sense of belonging. Within this small village, I wasn't an outcast stranded by her parents. I was worth something to them.

I pulled out a golden coin that is polished as if it was just smelted into a new coin, and drop it into the small bowl each villager sets out on their doorstep. They knew I came early in the morning before every tax collection.

I swiped my golden mane back and dropped another coin into the next bowl, the sun was beginning to peek through the forest of trees that edged the village as I dropped the last coin into the last carved wooden bowl.

The doors of the villagers began to open, one by one, each showed an unclean face. The children not old enough to help their parents with chores ran out to play, while the ones who were old enough assisted their parents with their many daily chores. It was a routine, the woman would first attend to laundry which would only be two garments per family member if they were lucky, and the fathers would get their shops ready for the day.

Two children always ran out to greet me, it was the same every other week, or rather everyday. Their blue eyes pierced through the small crowd of people hurrying to get to their work stations.

"Charlotte!" They chanted, blonde hair stained with dirt, much like mine. They ran to me, skidding to a halt before they could crash into me. Their blue eyes wide as they strained their necks to look up at me.

I scooped up the youngest one, and put a small hand behind the eldest ones head. Together we walked over to their poorly build lemonade stand, which was placed in the middle of a meat vendor and next to a small salon that specialized in trimmings men's beards and women's hair. The two girls would stand behind their tiny vendor all day waiting for someone to buy a small cup of it. No one usually did, so I'd throw a bronze coin in or sometimes a silver one if I could spare it.

"Taxes!" The same voice would yell, as the Prince of Everekt approached on his black, fierce looking stallion, fit for battle. Sorrowful eyes stared to him, and then as on cue hesitantly bowed before him. I didn't bow, I never did. He was not my Prince, and I had no respect for him he was an evil man.

Before, I would get whipped for it, but now it was expected. They would never do anything about it because I wasn't really apart of the Kingdom of Everekt not legally. For all they knew, I traveled many hours to reach Everekt from the Kingdom across the great pond, but in truth I lived on the outskirts of the village in secrecy. I still payed taxes if they asked, but that was only to keep the peace, and it was never as much as the others.

His hateful dark eyes glared at me like they always did when it was tax day, he knew I didn't belong here and he would use that against me until the day I died. He, too, knew I was a thief. Hell, everyone knew I was a thief, I had just yet to get caught. He snatched a pearl colored satin bag from a young knight who rode beside him on a white speckled horse.

People knew what to do, they lined up, one family member by another. One stolen gold coin after the next. After every tax collection the villagers face would fall like they lost a piece of themselves. The money belonged to them, and they knew it too. The King cheated his people, and one day he would pay for all those who he wronged.

"You?" The Prince rode his horse over to me, his voice soft. You would never have guessed he could kill a man, and held the bag full of coins in front of me. I scoffed, and put in what I had left silently apologizing to the two young girls. There would be no lemonade for me today. I dropped in two silver coins. With a look of satisfaction he tied the bag closed and rode away with his assistant.

That night I went to bed with the Prince's smug face in my mind, and that night was when the nightmares returned. Bolting straight up, I grasped my neck. You're not drowning, you are not drowning. I thought, my eyes tightly shut.

I took a breath of relief, and knowing I could not fall back asleep, I tiptoed through the unstable, tiny house I lived in and left toward the village.

When I arrive, my curiosity is aroused when I see a silhouette that is cast by the sun just about to rise. The man is alone, his horse trots in place.

The satin bag dangled near the horses back left leg, it was the Prince. The thief in me told me what I had to do. I begin moving, my feet soft on the dirt floor. I was quick, small fingers untangled the knot and successfully I slip it off of the horses hind leg.

The Prince lets out a low sigh, and the horse begins to turn. My heart quickens, and my mind races. I had been in this situation before, but for some reason my feet were betraying me and I could not get out in time. I stood frozen as his deadly blue eyes meet mine. For a second his lips lifted into a smirk and then he is off his horse gripping my arm with an unreasonable amount of strength.

If tonight was the night I was going to die, I might as well fight.


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