New Group Story Idea and Sign-Ups (Authors Chosen)

Hello everyone! Come one, come all and dare to enter the realm of writing with other lovely users here! The following chapters with consist of the idea and characters so please read :)

Chapter 1


Story Information

Stuck in a land between life and death, 6 teenagers from different time periods who died roughly around the same age seem to cross one another's path. Together, the six will go on an unmistakable, mystifying journey that will help them learn about themselves and their newly found friends. Along this journey- harmless lies will turn out to be harmful, trust will be tested, the deepest of fears are revealed, love will be played with, frustration will boil, dreams and temptations will be hanging on a thin thread, hardships will need to be forgiven, and most importantly in the end (after unbreakable relationships are made) the six will be forced to separate by their choice to pursue death or to live their life again. Whatever the choice of the character is though, their time between life and death will never be forgotten.

Important information to know for the story
1.) In this story, the time periods that the characters are from are all in the perspective that they are all happening at once but the characters only know their time period and the history before theirs.
2.) Out of the 6 teenagers, 3 are girls and 3 are boys
3.) Out of the 6 teenagers, 3 will choose death and 3 will choose life
4.) Out of the 6 teenagers, the age range is 16-18
5.) Each character has a backstory that they do remember.

Important information to be remembered when creating your character
1.) DIVERSITY (Different personalities, time periods, appearances, behaviors, etc)
2.) No 'perfect' characters
3.) They must have more than or equal to 4 fears because that's more realistic
4.) Don't go too overboard to have your character gain pity
5.) Character's love interest may not be a two sided thing, crushes and complications may happen

Character Information

The ones labeled ✉ should be ones you message me in private, because for these I have reasons for not wanting to show them to the public just yet. All information can be messaged privately though.

Time Period:
✉ Dreams/Temptations:
✉Choice at the End:
Love Interest: optional but if you want one leave TBD in the space provided along with any restrictions or details that you find important for this

My Character

Name: Marjorie Paige Ruskin
Nickname: Jorie
Gender: Female
Appearance: Long dark coffee brown hair that is almost always seen in a neat- braided updo, medium golden skin tone, round warm grey eyes with speckles of hazel, small upturned nose, flat top lips, 5’6, average weight with a medium bone structure, and her dress she is seen in is a yellow floor length, three quarter sleeved dress with black pattern details and small creases throughout the dress.
Age: 17
Time Period: Late 19th Century into Early 20th (Birth: August 15th 1893- Death: October 22nd 1910)
Personality: Hardworking, Careful, Reliable, Thoughtful, Gentle, Serene, Down-to-Earth, but Cowardly, Inexperienced (due to a very sheltered life), Indecisive, Gullible, Timid, Subservient, and Easily Embarrassed.
Love Interest: TBD

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