Kalayas Island

Kalayas Island

This is my very first story so I hope you all enjoy it. It's about a fifteen year old girl who lives on a tropical island.

Reed: A tall slender leaved plant of the grass family the grows in water or on marshy ground. In case you didn't know.

Chapter 1

Morning with Orange

by: Sarah8
Shadows quivered on the wall as the candle flickered, then fizzled to nothing.The cat sprang up on the counter where she would sleep for the night. Then we drifted off.I awoke with a bird that visits every so often.He wanted food, of course. This bird would come by and often stay with me the rest of the day.I stretched. With my hands above my head I greeted him, "Hey Orange." I said to the bird.He politely chirped back.I walked over to the open window.The sun was high above the palm trees, the heat was beating on my skin, there was hardly a cloud in the sky and a very light breeze. "I'll be right back." I told him.I searched through my very organized closet a pulled out my pink sundress with the colored hawaiian flowers scattered throughout the clothing.As I walked in the kitchen the sun followed me through the skylights.I reached over the counter and grabbed three pieces of bread.Turning around Orange flew in and perched himself on the edge of the table. "Follow me." I motioned him outside.I slid on my fancy pink and yellow flip flops.My cat Koralee scampered out with us.The second I opened the door the warm air flooded through my whole body.

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