The Fallen Angel

~ Hello everyone. I joined quibblo not long ago. I've read many quizzes here and have read books and decided to make my own story. This is my first story. I'm kinda nervous about how this story will end. I don't mind if you're harsh if my story sucks. I'll learn from your criticism. Please tell me if I should continue. By the way this story takes place in present day. Well, here we go. Enjoy! :D

Chapter 1

Flying With Chains

by: liberosis
I spread my large white wings out wide. I close my eyes and spread my arms as well and feel the wind rushing to me. My short white dress that is up to my knees whips and swirls around me. I smile.

I know humans are dangerous to us angels now. Their modern weapons can easily injure us, if not kill us. But I cant live the way I do. Not anymore. I can't stand it. I don't want to stay in this kingdom without being able to fly. I understand the Elder's fears. I am afraid myself. But I can't be living in constant fear. I need to fly. I need to be free like the rest of the angels once were. I feel I'm loosing my mind. I feel like if I don't fly, I'm going to die. Even if that means dying if I do.

I open my eyes and watch as the birds fly freely as we once did. I need to fly. Right now. I'm at the edge of the kingdom. I can see all the clouds and many seem so close I can almost touch them. Even if they're not as tangible as they seem...

I look down and can see the world the humans have built.

Our kingdom is very much like a castle but much larger. I have found it entirely amazing all my sixteen years of life at how this kingdom was built on an ever unmoving cloud.

But it's not enough to hold me. I need to know. I need to see the world the other angels have traveled. Where they once were able to travel wherever and whenever that wanted to. I need to go. I want to go. I'll go right now.

I risk a look behind me. The two guards that were assigned to me to keep me safe are still standing there. I sigh and look down. They won't let me. Even if I took off fast, they'd be faster and they'd catch me. That's what they were trained for. To keep us safe.

In a small pocket of my dress, I take out a picture and unfold it. My mother and father look back at me, smiling. I feel a tear roll down my cheek.

My parents had died seven years ago. I was nine at that time. They had decided to go fly in the sky, almost like going for a walk, with other angels. Some humans were out hunting and had mistaken them as birds and they had been shot.

Since then, the Elders's, the oldest and some of the most important angels had decided to make changes. To make new rules. Their major rule was no one was allowed to fly out of the kingdom.

We were trained to fly. We were taught just in case of emergencies. But that's the reason we have guards. To make sure nothing bad happens.

I take the picture out whenever I can. I try to do it when I am close to edge of the kingdom, like right now. When I feel like I can simply take off and fly. It makes me feel like they are here with me. I feel tears streaming down my face. I close my eyes and imagine them here, hugging me and laughing.

Suddenly a gust of wind comes and blows around me. The picture slips out of my hands and I open my eyes in a flash.

"No!!" I cry, and try to reach for it. But it's out of my reach.

The two guards come running to me as I step to the very edge. One of them grabs me by the arm.

"My parent's picture." I cry. "It's the only thing I have. I need it." I say.

"You can't get it. It's too much of a risk." The younger one says. He's around seventeen or eighteen. His blond hair neither short nor long, but just right. It's as golden as the sun. His eyes are a light blue, almost gray.

I turn to the one who holds my arm. He seems to be in his early twenties. His brown hair is short and his blue eyes are the color of the sky.

"I need it." I say. "Have you ever loved something so much you'd do anything to keep it with you no matter what? I don't want to forget. And if I do die, I want them to be with me. I can't let them go. Not again." I whisper.

My black hair whips around my face and then back again. Tears stream down my cheeks.

He looks at me. His eyes show pain, grief, and sadness.

"Alright." He says. "But I'll go with you."

"I'll keep guard from here." The younger one says.

The one holding me nods at the younger guard and turns to me. He lets go of my arm. I turn to the sky, walk a few steps forward, unfold my wings and take off.

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