Real Beauty

For the contest
I wrote this last year, sitting in my language arts class. It's just everything I find beautiful in the world, among all the dark, ugly things that run side by side with the good. I hope you enjoy it and try to find the good and beautiful in a world intent on destroying the ray of light that continues to shine.

Chapter 1

Real Beauty

Real Beauty is that inner sparkle in every girl
It's the soft roar of a waterfall, powerful and untamed
It's the light that shines even when the world tries to smother the flame
It's the scars we carry, to show we can take what God gives us
It's the first bloom of spring, ending the bleak of winter
It's the soft crackle of a camp fire, and the sparks flying into the night
It's the delight and wonder when you finally catch a firefly, and when you watch it fly into the trees
It's the multi-colored leaves in Autumn, which shine like precious gems
Real Beauty is looking up at the sky, and finding silly shapes in the clouds
Some people think that beauty comes from a persons clothes or makeup.
They are wrong.
Real Beauty is a soft light, shining through the canopy of the forest
It's in the soft purrs of a kitten, curled in a soft ball
It's in the happy laugh of a baby, silly and innocent
It's in a little girls heart, care free and playful
It's in a dolphin, jumping through the air and ocean
Real Beauty is the patter of rain on my window, softly falling in the night
It's in the mustangs, running free and wild through the hills of Wyoming
It's the joy in a child's heart when they wake on Christmas day
It's the happy song of the birds, singing in some high, unseen place
It's the soft gurgle of the creek, slowly moving forward
It's in the freedom of the birds, singing and flying where they wish
Real Beauty is in the sunrise on a crisp morning in fall
It's in the sunsets on the ocean
It's in the waves of the ocean, both big and small
It's the warm protection of a lovers arms, wrapped tight around you
It's the grace of a wolf, quick and powerful
It's the bright contrast of a male cardinal in the snow, like a ruby, shining bright
It's in the flutter of that first crush at school
It's the complete innocence of a small child, who doesn't know the horrors of the world
It's in our family and friends, in us
There are many definitions of "real beauty", but these I love the most.~

Poems I'm love:
4. (not exactly a poem, but it still works)


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