Some of the greatest people in the world are right here on Quibblo, so today I'd like to give some of them a shout out and such :)
You're all beautiful though!

Chapter 1

Here Ya Go :) Friend these People if you Haven't Already

Shout Outs


Dallas hasn't been on since Valentine's Day and though we haven't talked since then, I still consider him my best friend. I love him and I miss him and that's always going to hold true. He's completely extraordinary in every single way. He's strong, wise, protective, brave, caring, and so much more. His traits are endless and there was never a moment that I didn't enjoy when he's around me. Dallas has taught me lessons in all sorts of ways that I will always be thankful for. There's so much I could say about him, but I'll end here with one more thing to say. There's always only a handful of people that can come into your life and leave a forever impact kissed on your soul, and for me Dallas is one of those people. So Day, if you ever see this: Thank you for being my friend and everything. I love you.


Senri or should I say Super Senri? Both would be accurate in any case. You see, Senri is the type of person that makes you smile, laugh, and cry tears of joy even if you don't want to be cheered up. He will come flying into your life with a charming ray of energy that is hard to find at times. He's willing to help you out always no matter what. It's like his soul was touched by the sun itself. He's funny, kind, energetic, fun, silly (in a good way), and absolutely always fabulous. So Senri, when or if you ever read this: Thank you. You're super awesome and a great person to have in my life. Thank you for everything.


Rose is a girl with a bright fire resting inside her. She'll make you feel like you matter in this world. She's truly a loyal and honest friend to have. She's helped me through a lot of my rough patches from boys to self image and everything she says I know she is right and is for the better. Rose is someone who will treat you with respect if you treat her with mutual respect and to be honest, she deserves great respect from everyone because of how great she is. Rose, if you see this shout out: Thank you for everything. Thank you for being my friend and a person who will talk me through things going on in my life. I know I can always depend on you if I need it and I shall always cherish our friendship. Thank you.


Jenni- her name (according to itself says that she is "the most awesomest person you'll ever meet in your entire life! Jennis are awesomely awesome! There's not enough words to describe them, they are just WOWWW- so awesome." In my opinion, that entry only begins to describe Jenni. You see, besides being awesome, Jenni is a talented, breath-taking, easy to talk to, funny, and selfless person. She's always been someone to help me out with my deepest and most painful of thoughts and emotions. That alone makes her one of the most spectacular individuals I've ever came to known. So Jenni, if you are reading this: Thank you. I couldn't ask for a better friend than you. I'm counting down the days until our sleepover in Alcatraz will happen or the day that I can give you a zelphin or the day you take over the world and we must all bow down. You're the best so thank you and ily.


Krystal is well like a crystal. Cliché? I know but it's the truth. Like a crystal, she is beautiful, valuable, one of a kind, great, down to earth, friendly, welcoming and so much more. She's the type of person that you could spend hours with talking to without ever getting bored. She's sweet like sugar and is always there for her friends. So Krystal if you are reading this: Thank you also. I appreciate our friendship greatly and that friendship means the world to me. You are so wonderful that there's infinity plus ones that could describe your beautiful personality. Thank you.


Hunter and I haven't talked much like we used to, but he's still a great friend to have. He's funny, cool, smart, and well absolute fantastic. I've told him things that many don't know about me and he's always really nice and sweet with what he says to make a person feel better. On top of his kind loving personality- he's a great author also. I've always had fun writing with him and I doubt that will ever change. So Hunter, if you are ever reading this: Thank you for being my friend. You're always fantastic and kind and that's a great thing to be.


Alicen aka the best role play buddy to have around. She's super creative and super kind. Can you say close to a perfect package there? I can. She's a person that I always enjoy seeing a message from, whether it's to role play or just to talk. Her love for role playing is almost... well.. contagious and that's definitely not a bad thing in this case. I'm happy that I have Alicen as my buddy and I will always be happy for just that. So Alicen, if and when you read this: Thank you, you are such a beautiful and wondrous person. Thank you.


Can one person be any more pleasant than this one? I can't think of many. She's a person of much talent in her writing. From the phrases she weaves together to the ideas that she writes about, her works may just leave you speechless at times. And to add on to her amazing writing, she's an incredible friend and person to talk to. We haven't talked recently, and I really do miss our conversations but the memories will always be there. If you are reading this: Thank you for being my friend, I can't thank you enough for being such an astonishing, cool person that you are to me. Thank you.


Astonishing, lovely, delightful, and grand. If you are reading this, this very user is all those four words I listed first and much more. She's a great great great person that cannot simply be described with my poor vocabulary. She's out of this world and completely superb! If you are reading this: I'm glad you are back on Quibblo after awhile and I really enjoy our friendship. Thank you.


The two of us haven't talked much recently either, but the conversations her and I have had in the past and the stories that we've written together are great memories that I hold close always. She's a very genuine, marvelous, and admirable person. From conversations to stories- her fairness and beauty comes through. There aren't enough things that I can say except that she's a great friend to have around. If you are reading this: Thank you for being a friend of mine. You're super spectacular.


Rain! His name isn't like the rain from a storm, but more like the type of rain that comes on a hot day to refresh and replenish. He's always a person that will listen and not judge. He will make you feel better by just being there for you. He's a great great friend and an intelligent, caring one at that. Rain- if you ever read this- Thank you for being my friend, I'm glad that we met through Dallas and Senri. Thank you.


Warm, Important Lovable. Wil is a person of great faith and though not everybody agrees with him. He's a great friend. He's always there to listen and he always helps me out. He's really one of the best there is. His passion for what he loves is a beautiful thing and that can never be taken from someone. On top of this, his happiness often rubs off on other people and for that, I admire him. So Wil, if you read this... Thank you. You mean a lot to me. Thank you.


Maggie! Maggie is a sweet, fun loving girl. Her and I haven't been talking too long yet, but she is always really nice and absolutely beautiful! With that said, she is also a great artist who is very gifted. Maggie, if you are reading this, I just wanted to thank you and say that I hope we continue talking.


Let me tell you about this girl. She's absolutely fantastic! I love the way I can actually talk to her about anything. From sports to whatever else crosses our conversation path. It's truly always a thrill. If you happen to read this: Thank you for being a friend, you rock girl!


Hayley is absolutely stunning- inside and out. She's sweet, selfless, superb, and just a well-rounded, kind person. She's very easy to talk to and get along with and any person would be lucky to call her a friend. Hayley, if you are reading this, thank you, I wish we talked more but thank you for being one of my friends.

Honorable Mentions


Friends who have deleted that I shall always keep in mind

and countless of others.

If you weren't on this, don't take it personally. More than likely, it's because we haven't talked in awhile (a long while) or we were never very close. However, if you think that I missed you and you feel that we are close, feel free to let me know and I'll fix my mistake if it needs to be fixed. There is quite a big possibility that I could've have skipped over and missed someone. Another thing, if you don't see yourself in the shout outs or honorable mentions, know that you still are an amazing person and quibblo wouldn't be the same without you.

~Thank you and have a good day to you all.



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