Chasing Tomorrow ~ Original Group Story

It is the year 3000. A Cold War broke out in the United States, and the world is far from peaceful. But one special group of fighters are destined to save everyone. Immaculate training. Deadliest weapons. Super-high technology. Envied by their teammates, feared by their enemies, name known all around the world. They are the Trackers, a select elite squad of highly-trained fighters whose mission is to find the enemy's top secret files, and end the war for tomorrow.

Chapter 3

Makani Minomoto ~ Info

We walked through the corridors to our dorm in silence. It was only when we actually entered the room that chatter ensued.

"Ohmigosh did you see how hard she punched him!" Ciara said.
"He looked awful." Nadia said, sitting on her bed.
"What's going to happen now?" I asked, thinking out loud.

Harmony wasn't like me at all. She was very cold and closed off. Occasionally I try to make conversation with her, like when we're training our escape techniques. But mostly all I get is whatever I'm doing wrong. She's just so... Unlike me. Everyone else was really cool though. Even Frank, despite the fact he seems to want to see how far he can push Harmony before he gets himself killed.

Then Harmony walked into the room, followed by Lieutenant Castellan. Everyone looked up. More than one of us were nervous. Then we became confused. Because Lieutenant Castellan was smiling. Not a mad smile. A sort of proud smile.

"Alright Soldiers. We need to continue your preparation for the mission. Training will be on hold for now, we will need to sort out some other things. Like the dance itself. I've already sorted all of you into dance partners." He said.

A couple of us girls did the math and looked like they wanted to talk, but Henry raised a hand to silence it.
"I realise there are less boys than girls. Which is why some of you will have to dress up as a boy." He said.
I crinkled my nose. I was not going to dress up a guy. No way. No how.

"Alright, so. Nadia, you'll be going with Kevin. Kaitlin and Ciara, you two will go together. Makani, you're with Elcatlytia and Harmony, you're with me." He said.
"What about Frank?" Nadia asked.
"He will be going with Aryan." He said, and everyone noticed how he neglected to tell us just how hurt he was.
"Now. Kaitlin, Ciara. Decide which one of you will pretend to be guy. Makani, when Elcatlytia comes back, you can do the same." Then he left.
"I'm being the girl!!" Kaitlin and Ciara shouted at the same time.
Uh oh. Both girls can be stubborn.
"Ciara you can be the boy!" Kaitlin said.
"No, you can be the boy!" Ciara countered. Neither girl was budging.

Nadia and Harmony and I sat on the bed and watched them argue back and forth. I try to think of reasons why I should be the girl and not Elcatytia. That I'm younger? It would be more convincing with a smaller girl than a smaller boy? I don't have a very convincing argument. Guess I'll wing it. Eventually Elcatytia does come in, though she looks ready to walk right out. Kaitlin and Ciara are in shouting matches now.

I see her, and it's evident that she had been told what was going on with the dance.
"I want to be the girl!" I shouted before she could get a word in.
"Hold on, I want to see how these two figure it out." She said, holding a finger up to quiet me.

Kaitlin and Ciara were still battling it out. They seemed ready to start fighting before Nadia decided it was enough. Harmony stayed on the bed, looking impassive.
"Alright you two. Why don't you flip a coin or something?" She said after standing in between the two.
"Alright!" Ciara said.
"Sounds good." Kaitlin agreed.

And suddenly they were best buddies again. Well, maybe not best buddies, but they had stopped fighting. Nadia got out a coin, and asked the two to pick a side.
"Heads!" Kaitlin shouted.
"Tails!" Ciara said at the same time.
"Alright then." Nadia said.
She flipped the coin high in the air. Ciara and Kaitlin watched it fall down onto the ground, roll towards a bed, and hit a table leg. The two girls scurried to see what it was.

"Tails!!! I win! I win!" Ciara shouted, dancing around the room.
"Aw come on!!! Best out of three!!" Kaitlin said.
"No way!"
I looked back at Elycatytia.
"Should we flip a coin?" I asked.
"Sure." She said, getting her own coin out.
"I'm heads!" I said.
"I'll be tails." Elycatytia smiled mischievously at me, before throwing the coin.

She caught it in her hand, before looking up at me, grinning.

"Tails!" She announced proudly. I looked at her hand to see for myself. Tails. Damn it.
She picked the coin up in her other hand and proudly showed the tails to me again.
"Hey..." I said, and grabbed the coin.
"It's tails on both sides! That's unfair!" I shouted, though I didn't seem very threatening, mostly because I was grinning madly.
"Fine, fine! Nadia, let's use your coin" Elycatytia said, smiling as well.
"Alright" Nadia said strolling over.
"I'm heads again!" I shouted, jumping up and down.

Nadia threw the coin and let it land on the ground.

"Heads!!! Hahaha! I win! I win!" I shouted, jumping and running around.

Maybe I was overreacting, but I didn't care. Overreacting was fun. Elycatytia and Kaitlin didn't look very happy.

"Hey, at least you get to know what it feels like to wear a tux! You'll have to tell us later" Ciara joked.
"Haha very funny" Kaitlin said, a look of mock anger on her face.
"What dress do you think we'll get to wear?" Ciara said.
"I hope they're pretty!" I said, thinking of the possibilities.
"Well just as long as we don't have to dance, I'll be fine." Harmony said from over across the bed.
"Oh Harmony, but you would get to dance with Henry, and he's pretty cute" I said, winking.
"Ew" she said.

Ciara and I sat on her bed, and we started to discuss the mission.

"I don't know much about Black Sparrow. She was like, a member of the trackers once, right?" Ciara said. I nodded.
"Yeah, but she betrayed them. I heard that the enemy had captured her. And they tortured her, it was just horrible."
"Oh my goodness... But why did she betray them?"
"I think she gave in eventually. They must have tortured her like, so much. She turned against the Trackers!" I said. I looked up. The others were busy. Harmony had left the room. Kaitlin and Elycatytia were talking, and Nadia was reading a book.

"Ok. So. I don't think I'm supposed to know all of this, but I overheard some people talking about it one day." I said, turning back to Ciara.
"You didn't get caught?"
"I'm an escape artist silly." I said, smiling widely. Then the smile faded and I became serious again.
"Anyway. So after Black Sparrow turned against them, she started disappearing from meetings a lot. She told the others she was meeting some higher up members of the force. But really she was meeting the bad guys. They made a big plan. After a while, Black Sparrow seemed to be having some doubts, but she pressed on. Then, on the final day, she was once again missing from a meeting. The others thought she was late, and waited for her. But she still didn't show up, so they started the meeting." I said, my face serious.
"What happened next?" Ciara said, her eyes wide.
"Well. Halfway through the meeting, the teams communicator had a message that they were changing base. Some of the force had figured out an ambush was being set up, and they had to get the Trackers out of there. So the Trackers left. But they were attacked! They put up a really good fight. They took out like forty percent of the bad guys before reinforcements arrived. Then the teams communicator went down. They had these bullets that ripped their way through the body. It was insane. The communicators boyfriend, the front attacker, saw that she had died, and it was like he just lost the will to live. He went down next. After that it was as if it fell apart."
"That's horrible!" Ciara said,a hand over her mouth.
"Yeah. Next, their weapon specialist went down. Then their second front attacker. Only four of them were left. Aryan and Kevin were two of them." Ciara gasped.
"Aryan and Kevin were there!" She squeaked. I looked up hurriedly. No one was looking.
"Yeah. They fought like crazy, even though their teammates were down. They did pretty good. But then their escape artist was killed. She was the youngest of the whole team, like me. Then her brother, he was a sharpshooter, he died too, not long after his sister, it was just horrific." Ciara made another sort of squeaking sound.
"Aryan and Kevin were the only ones left, and I think seeing the siblings die together really set them off. They killed every last one of them. But they didn't kill Black Sparrow. Not long after the new recruits, us, we came. And hardly anyone has seen Black Sparrow since." I said. Ciara looked horrified.
"That's... Just horrible..." She said.
"And that's why we need to get her." Our head snapped around. There was Aryan, standing behind us. Who knows how long she'd been there.

"I-I.. Umm...." I said, horrified. Was I in trouble?
"Calm down, Makani. Maybe knowing what she did will motivate you two. This mission is very serious. Probably the most serious you will ever do. Just don't forget what she did."

Then Aryan turned around on her heel, leaving Ciara and I watching her. We glanced at each other. There wasn't much to say about it. Except maybe wow.

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