Chasing The Sunset (The4ElementsSequel)

The sequel to the 4 Elements, showing the lives of the 4 and their siblings when they meet in 1954 New York City where they have all gone their own ways and go to college and work and all have their own problems. The only thing is how they deal with it when they all meet eachother again, and still share the connections of their powers? (The 4 Elements)

Chapter 2

Tallis Wing ~ Reasons Why

by: NyghtDawn
I'm back in the library. Thirteen again with my tan jacket, dark grey pants and white shirt with the light blue air design across the chest. I'm on my back stretched out across the musty old couch. I rest my hands under my head and close my eyes taking in the peace there seems to be. I remember this all. Every corner, every book, every flaw... It brings back so many memories of the elements and those girls. Those three girls have given me so many memories... Some not so fun to recall, but others make me feel weightless and send chills down my spine as I remember those precious moments.
Out of nowhere, I feel someone gradually sit down next to me. I don't open my eyes to see who it is but I let them sit there despite what kind of threat they may be. Then I can feel them lay across my chest and slowly put their hands on my collarbone. By the way their hands feel and the slight movement of their fingers I can tell that they're a girl. She tilts her head down and pauses, and I can feel her breathing lightly on my face through her mouth. Then slowly, she gets closer and presses her warm and gentle lips against mine. Now I know who she is. That dark haired Peruvian girl with the deep blue eyes. I can tell because of the way she kisses me. Soft, sweet and passionate. Just like always.
She brings her hands up to my jawline and breaks away for a moment but then continues kissing me. I just can't help myself and I return the gesture. I take my hands out from under my head, reach them forward and rest them on her waist and back. We stay like that for a while later, kissing again and again, over and over. Eventually we break away for the last time and are both left there, longing for more. I don't open my eyes yet. I don't need to.
She breathes down my neck and keeps slightly moving her fingers as a lock of her hair falls from behind her ear. "Tallis..." She steals one more kiss. "Tallis..." She pauses as I move my hands up to her jawline, but then leans in to whisper in my ear. "I love you." She breathes.
I finally open my eyes and look at her. "Lilly..." I kiss her again. "Lilly I..." I look up at her and marvel at how beautiful she is. I smile at her. She smiles back and leans down once again, our noses close to touching. Then we're back to kissing. At first it was light, soft and sweet, but near the end it was fierce, hard and hungry with the longing we have for each other. This is much for me to fully take in. Our lips pressed up against each other's, our hands and fingers moving slightly at each other's jawline with every movement. I would never trade this moment for anything on this earth. I love her.
"Lilly!" A door bursts open and man barges in, gun in hand. Both of our heads snap in his direction and finally we lock eyes with someone I've never wished to see again.
"Hunter!" Lilly let's go of me and runs over to him, putting her hands on his chest with her elbows bent, trying to keep him for coming over to me. "Hunter please! Hunter stop!" She pleads as she tries pushing him back.
"No!" He puts a hand on her shoulder but his eyes are still locked with mine and he's still trying to walk over to me. "He's dangerous! He'll hurt you! He's shown his puppeteer behavior before and who's to say he won't show it again?!"
"Hunter!" Lilly tries to give one last shove to keep her brother from me but she's unsuccessful as Hunter is stronger than her. "Hunter please! I know him better than you do! He won't hurt me! He's better than that! Please!"
"Lilly!" Hunter puts both his hands on her shoulders. "Get off!" Suddenly he uses all his force and shoves his little sister to the ground. "I'm just try to protect you." Hunter then continues walking over to me, leaving his little sister on the ground. Our eyes are still locked, just like before. I want to run. I want to get up and escape this nightmare and his terror but something keeps me there, refusing me a chance to run away and to stop reliving this moment.
Then Lilly screams to Hunter for him to stop, but he just continues coming to me. Before I can look to Lilly to reassure her that everything will be alright (though she knows it's not) the room starts going crazy. Spinning one way, spinning another, never stopping it's movement. Every time it jerks from one image to the next. "Gah!" I yell and cover my ears with my hands, cringing and my eyes shut tight. Not this again. Please. Not this again! I lift up my eyes and look back at Hunter. He's still staring at me with his furrowed brow and eyes full of hate.
I can't take it, I can't take it. I can't take it!!!
I cringe and close my eyes one last time and I can finally bring myself to stand and ready myself to run. "Lilly!" I yell to her. I open my eyes about to run to her and take her away from here when Hunter takes a step towards me and he's closer than ever. I gasp and fall back onto the couch. I feel something cold on my forehead and I realize it's the gun he's been holding. "Please! Sto---" Before I can finish, I hear a loud bang and I feel a pain in my head and my vision turns dark and I hear a voice echoing in my ears: Bye bye little soldier.
"No!" I scream as I sit up, jerking awake. I'm panting faster than you could imagine and I'm sweating more than ever. I run my hands through my hair, rest my elbows on my knees and bury face in my hands. Calm down. Catch your breath. I tell myself. I try to slow my breathing. In and out, in and out. Calm down. Calm down. I wrap my hands behind my neck with my elbows still on my knees.
"Mommy, what's wrong with him?" A little girl whispers.
I lift my head and look at the girl. Wait... Where am I? I wonder. The train. I'm on the train. On the train to New York. I remember. I begin looking around and see everyone else staring at me. Looking over seats, sitting on their legs, and straining themselves to get a glimpse of me. I breathe in and out again and again and nonchalantly lean back in my seat and stare out the window. I can feel everyone still staring at me in bewilderment of my random outburst. Just ignore them, Tallis.
I'm still trying to bring my breathing back down to normal, though I feel as if I'm still gasping for air. I reach down to my bag below my feet and take out my water bottle and take a few sips, then reach down again and shuffle through my bag once more. Eventually I come to what I'm looking for; those little containers full of those pills. I pick one up. Not that one. I pick up another. Not that one either. I look through them all a bit more and see the one I need. I open up the lid and pour one pill into my hand. I close up the container and put it back in my bag, then I pop the pill in my mouth and take one more sip of the water. Just to help me calm down... It will start working in a few minutes.
Then I hear my sister shuffle in front of me. I look over and see she's still sleeping and hadn't seen what had happened. Good. Are my thoughts. She still doesn't know... She doesn't need to.
"Everyone!" A man yells. I raise my head and look him as he walks through the train cars door. "We will be reaching New York City in thirty minutes. Get ready to get your things and get off." He ends abruptly and steps back through the door.
"Hm..." I look over at Isabel. "Hey! Izzy!" I shake her leg with my hand. "Izzy! Come on get up!"
She moans and shoves my hand off her. "Go away Tallis!"
I roll my eyes. "Come on! He said we should be getting ready with our stuff!" I shake her leg some more.
"Tallis." Isabel sits up and glares at me. "Look." She reached down and picked up her own bag. "It takes one second. Just one second to "get my things ready"."
"Izzy." I take another sip of water. "You're such a brat. Do you want to miss our stop?"
She moans again, leans back in her seat and tilts her head back. "No I just want you to shut up!"
"Oh!" I mock. "Well someone's sassy!" I look at her and I smile playfully. She can never stay mad at me for very long. After all, if I wasn't here then where would she be? Isabel lifts her head back up and glares at me but then she can't help herself and she begins smiling and laughing too.
"Yes!" She puffs out her chest and sits up straight trying to look like some royal. "Yes I am!" She laughs again, so hard that she has to bend over and cover her mouth. She has such a distinct laugh, easy to pick out in a crowd.
I take a step forward and sit down next to her. "I knew it." I put my arm around her and pull her in close to me. "You can never stay mad at me!" I smile as she puts her right hand across my chest and rests it on my left shoulder, as she's still hysterically laughing. I take my left hand and put it on the side of her face and I give her a short kiss on the forehead. "You know, it wasn't that funny..."
Isabel looks up at her with a smile still on her face. "I know I know! I just... I just can't stop laughing!"
Suddenly I get up and go back over to my seat. "You're crazy!" I laugh.
"Ha! Whatever!" She smiles but then scoots over and looks out the window and rests her hands in her lap. I give her a half smile and then I lean back on the chair and close my eyes. I then take out my black cross necklace from underneath my shirt and start fiddling with it. "Why are you so attached to that necklace, Tallis?" I look up and Isabel shuffles in her seat.
"Because." I hold it up by the chain for her to see. "I believe in God and that his son Jesus Christ atoned for our sins. I'm just one of the few who aren't afraid to show it." I stare at Isabel and she gives me this blank expression. I roll my eyes. "Why do you deny yourself of God?"
"First off, that's none of your business!" She snaps. "Second, can you stop trying to sound like some fancy bast---"
"Shut it Izzy!" I interrupt. "It was a legitimate question and I didn't ask for some nonsensical lecture!"
"Then stop acting like some pissed off child!" Isabel slams her hands down on the chair and stands. "You're in your twenties, Tallis, so quit acting like a five year old!"
I frown at her. "Pissed off child?" I stand and tower over her. "Maybe you should check yourself first, yeah? You seem to be even more pissed off then I am." We glare at each other for moments longer, both too stubborn to tear away our gaze.
"Excuse me, miss?" A woman sounds behind us. We both look over and see a mother with her five year old son holding her hand. She glares at Izzy. "Could you please cover up?"
Isabel raises her eyebrows. "Excuse me?"
The lady rolls her eyes. "Just button up your jacket. There are children here you know?"
I look over at my sister and realized what the lady means. Izzy is wearing a red shirt that doesn't cover her stomach and a dark denim jacket left open over the top. Is that girl really freaking out over just that? Izzy then smiles evilly and brushes her right hand across her stomach. "Aw! Now this can't be such a problem, can it? Besides!" She bends down and looks at the boy who takes a step behind his mother. "I think that he very much likes it! Right, sport?" She calls the kid.
The mother pushes her son behind her. "No! He doesn't!" The lady protests.
"Hm..." Isabel stands and folds her arms. "Well he's gonna have to eventually. Growing up in this world? Ha! You're gonna see a lot more of it around." She looks down at the child. "Get used to it kid! And don't worry!" She pauses and smiles. "You'll learn to love it!"
"Izzy." I put my hand on her shoulder. She looks at me for a moment then smiles. I smile back at her and then at the lady. "She's right and you know it." I mock. "Now go sit down and get the rest of your family ready." With one hand I push on my sisters shoulder, making her sit down. "We'll be arriving any moment now." I smile and nod at the lady who only just grunts, picks up her son and walks back to her family.
"Just learn to control that skank of yours!" She calls back.
"Hm... Some people." I say in disgust as I sit down. My eyes drift back to Isabel. "You know I'm real proud of you."
She raises her eyebrows at me. "Why?"
I smile, sit down next to her, and put my arm around her shoulder. "Cause you're teaching little children to become perv's when they grow up."
Isabel chuckled and looked up to me. "Well what can I say?" She shrugs. "The world could do with a few more crazies."
She looks up at me and smiles. I smile back. "I love you, Sparkles." I give her shoulder a squeeze. Glad to see we're both over that little scuffle.
Isabel rests her head on my shoulder and sighs. "Love you too, Tallis."
We both stay like that for a while longer. A minute passes, then five, and then it turns into ten without another word spoken. Considering how much time Isabel and I have been teasing each other and getting in fights with the other passengers we should be at our stop in New York in about ten minutes. I look over again at the lady who confronted Isabel about her shirt. She's sitting with her family now and trying to round up two little kids. A boy and a girl. I laugh a little at her children as they run up and down the train car. That's right. I say silently to myself. Go ahead and be defiant. Your mother asked for it. I glare at the lady behind her back as she chases her children. I just want to strangle people like her. Then I notice someone staring back at me. It's that woman's oldest daughter sitting down next to her father. I turn my head back in her direction and return her gaze. Immediately her face goes red and she looks down away from me, smiling.
I grin at myself. She looks close to her twenties. Nineteen perhaps? I study her features a bit more. Brunette... Hair just past her shoulders... But a bit scrawny. I smile harder. Just my type.
"Hey." I say to her.
Her head snaps up and her eyes lock with mine. "What? Me?!"
I nod. "Mm hm."
Her face goes even brighter and her eyes drift to the ground. "Um... Hi..." She mumbles.
"You shy?" I laugh.
She smiles some fake smile. "Yeah..."
"Well don't be." I say. "You'll miss out on too much."
She looks back up at me with hopeful eyes. "Yeah. Thanks!" She says with more confidence. I chuckle and smile at her. She laughs a bit, smiles back, and stares at me. "So..." She scoots a bit closer to the aisle to make it easier to talk to me. "What's your name?"
"Hey." Her father nudges her with his elbow. "No." He shakes his head at her.
She looks around a bit, dumbfounded. Her eyes drift back to mine. She sighs and scoots back over to her father and stares out one of the trains windows. I laugh a little, then reach over and tap her knee with my finger. "It's Tallis."
She turns her head towards me and smiles. I give her a half smile back despite her father glaring at me.
"Oh gosh... Tallis..." Isabel sounds as I look down at her. "Don't even."
"Don't what?"
She glares at me. "Don't go trying to make every girl here fall for you! Just..." She pauses. "Not again."
"Again?" I ask.
She sighs. "Remember? First it was Amy. Then Jessica, then Sarah, then Heather, then---"
"And your point is?" I interrupt.
She glares at me. "My point is, is that you jump around from girl to girl every five minutes just because you find one "better" than the last! Can't you just wait a bit until you find one that you actually like?!"
I sigh. "Izzy... What I do shouldn't concern you."
"Well it does!" She yells. "Besides! You shouldn't be concerned about girls right now! You should be concerned about a getting a job! Isn't that why we're even coming here?"
"Yes yes. For me to get a job! We've discussed this enough Izzy."
Isabel sits up. "Yeah well... Whatever..."
Slowly we hear the rhythmic sounds of the train turn into screeches as it comes to a gradual stop. "Alright." I stand and grab the small suitcase I stored up above us. "We're here. Let's get going, Sparkles."

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